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Chef Daniel Boloud Brings Salmon to Whole Foods


Written by Kristine Thomason, editorial intern

By now, most of us know salmon is an awesome superfood. It’s packed with omega-3 fatty acids, shown to reduce depression, heart disease and cancer, and can even help your skin stay soft and smooth. Basically, salmon needs to be your BFF.

While we love the classic bagel and lox combo, we’re always looking for new ways to spice up our fishy favorite. So when we heard that a new line of smoked salmon—created by renowned French Chef Daniel Boulud—hit Whole Foods’ shelves two weeks ago, we knew we had to give it a try.

Boloud21-e1412264889491-360sq.jpgBoulud originally created 10 different flavors, each inspired by a different city from his world travels (rough life, huh?), and eventually settled on three flavors: Highland, Rivera, and Baja. Highland combines ground cardamom seeds and whiskey, inspired by his recent trip to the British Isles; Riviera brings back the flavors of French summers with Pink peppercorn, dry basil, ground fennel seeds and Ricard; and Baja captures the essence of Mexico with cilantro and tequila. (Talk about livening up a Sunday brunch.)

“What’s unique about [salmon] is you can do so much with it,” he says. “When you throw a cocktail party, since the salmon is already flavored, you just put it on toast with a little bit of crème fresh and it’s done!”

If salads are more your style, toss some smoked salmon into one of our healthy salad recipes and voilà! Dinner = done.

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