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Starbucks Testing New Beer-Flavored Latte

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As a die-hard coffee addict, I’m all about trying exotic new brews, especially when they come from Starbucks. (Label me how you want. No shame.)

But the java giant recently made a decision that I can’t help but to question—and cringe over. According to The Washington Post, Starbucks will do a test run with beer-flavored coffee in Ohio (my native state) and Florida.

Just let that sink in for a minute. Beer-flavored coffee. Why?

It’s called the Dark Barrel Latte, but contains no alcohol—just espresso, dark caramel and stout-flavored sauce. I don’t know about you, but I drink coffee for a different reason than I drink beer. Coffee = stimulant = mornings (and late afternoons—who am I kidding?); beer = depressant = not a morning drink.

Tell us: Would you trade your regular morning Joe for a cup of Dark Barrel?

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