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olivia ward half marathon blogger

Photo courtesy of NBC

Olivia Ward (Beginner Runner)

Most of you might know me as the Season 11 winner of NBC's hit show The Biggest Loser.  I was one half of the Purple Team with my sister and runner up, Hannah Curlee. My sister and I started a wellness and lifestyle blog called and have been having a blast building that community.

These days outside of traveling the country, speaking and blogging you can find me living in NYC with my wonderful husband Ben and three dogs. Through this journey I have found a love for all things health and fitness. Living life is my now my new journey and I couldn't love it more!

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colleen moody fitness web editor half marathon blogger

Photo courtesy of Peter Ardito

Colleen Moody (Experienced Runner)

Most of you might know me as the Web Editor here at OK fine, you’ve probably never heard of me! So let me fill you in. This spring I’ll be running my second More/Fitness Magazine Half-Marathon.

Since running the race the first time in 2008 (a day when temps spiked into the high 80s in April!), I’ve completed the ING NYC Marathon in 2010 and am gearing up for another 2012 fall marathon. I’m excited to start training again and to bring you all along with me. When I’m not running or writing, I love to travel, cook and convince my boyfriend to let me get a dog (a girl needs a running partner, right?). See you at the finish line!

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