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A Beautiful Day for a PR

Finish line here I come! (And thanks to my cheerleader sister for snapping this pic!)

And that's a wrap! As tired and cranky as I often was the past ten weeks with what I like to call my "big girl" training schedule, all the miles logged and workouts six days a week really did pay off. I soared through the finish line this past weekend at 1:50:27 (8:26-minute-mile pace), a full 30 minutes faster than the last time I ran this race and a PR for the course! This was the first time in my racing career that I have really thought of myself as a more advanced runner. I knew what kind of energy gels I wanted, when to take them, how often to stop for water and how to preserve my energy to last the entire course. I still had some pre-race jitters and night before nerves, but I don't think those ever really go away and to be honest, I wouldn't want them to!

Sunday morning I joined the rest of the FITNESS team, including Olivia in Central Park before heading off to our corrals. Even though it was a tad early (7 a.m.!), it was super inspiring to see tons of women pouring into the park to pound out some asphalt together. Over 7,000 women finished and despite a few raindrops just before the start, the weather managed to hold out–whew! Looping around the park twice gave me a great chance to check out everyone's signs and costumes. My personal favorite was a guy holding a sign for his girlfriend that read, "You run better than the MTA!" A+ for creativity for you, sir. Next week I'm rewarding my legs with a trip to Mexico!  When I come back I'll do a short training stint to get ready for the ten mile Blue Cross Broad Street Run in Philadelphia and after that, who knows! For all the runners that ran this past weekend, I hope you enjoyed the race as much as I did. Time to set some new summer racing goals!