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Speeding Up and Staying Safe

My GoSportID bands–the easiest way to sweat safely! (Photo courtesy of GoSportID)

I can't believe we are less than two weeks away from the big run! I remember when I started training it seemed so far away. Now it feels like the time has just breezed by! Like most of you I've been trucking along logging these miles the past few weeks. And I can’t lie the long runs are hard. I pretty much feel like I'm going to die toward the end, but you know what? When I finish I feel like a million bucks and can’t believe I can actually run that long. It's such a huge accomplishment for me. My IT band still keeps me on my feet, but everything else this week was pretty smooth.

I really have been trying to concentrate on my hydration (or lack thereof). I have a bad habit of not getting enough water before my run, and then during I am so thirsty. My goal is to up my water intake during the day when I'm not running, so that when it's time to run I'm not chasing my hydration. Based on what I have read dehydration is something many long distance runners struggle with. Not only will being hydrated help me in running, the health benefits of getting enough water are huge! Who doesn't want beautiful skin, hair and nails while running your race? Not only will we be speedy, but we’ll look good too!

Another thing I wanted to quickly share with you is in regards to safety. It is so important to have identification on you at all times while running, or working out in general. When I run I don't like to carry a bunch of stuff. I know there are nifty fuel belts with pockets and all that jazz, but I like to run light. Thankfully, I came across a company called GoSportID when I left The Biggest Loser. They make these awesome safety bracelets that you can engrave your personal mantra on the front and all your emergency contact information on the back. The plate on the bracelet is made of surgical stainless steel and comes with tons of colorful bands you can switch out. Now when I go on my training runs I don't have to worry about carrying ID and emergency contact info. It's all right there on my arm! To grab one of your own, check out Let the countdown begin!