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Getting Back Into Racing Mode

Another thing keeping my legs fresh? Lots and lots of stretching! (Photo courtesy of Karen Pearson)

This past weekend I was able to do some serious multitasking. I ran a New York Road Runners 15K to correspond with my long run and checked off one of my qualifying races to enter into the 2014 NYC Marathon. Turns out, it was exactly what I needed to reboot my motivation. By the end of a training plan, I am usually pretty burnt out, and my legs tend to shift into autopilot. Being around hundreds of other runners this weekend kicked me back into high gear, and I was able to PR for this race, finishing the course in 1:19!

Another thing that helped was some new gear I got to test. Last week I met with some of the team behind Celliant, a patented technology that recycles the body's natural energy through the use of fibers. You might think this sounds high tech (and it is!) but what you don't know is that you probably already own something made from Celliant. The fibers are found in brands like Reebok, Adidas and Asics, just to name a few. It basically works by absorbing the electromagnetic energy emissions your body throws out while you work out and tosses them back into the body to be reabsorbed into your skin and muscle tissue. And you don't have to be exercising to get the perks. David Horinek, the chief scientist behind Celliant started researching the effect of blending minerals into fibers to have a positive impact on the body when he wanted to help his grandmother with some knee pain she was having (aww!).

Since the start of his research in 1990, Celliant has been clinically proven to increase tissue oxygen by 7 percent, which speeds up up your performance and recovery time. It has made its way into knee braces, athletic clothing, bedding and even products for your pets.

I tested out a pair of Celliant-based socks this weekend to help with some foot and arch pain I've been having on longer runs. There's no tingling warm sensation or anything weird that happens when you wear these fabrics, but I did notice my feet, which usually flare up after 6 miles, felt pretty solid throughout the course. Even after the race I felt surprisingly fine, when typically I would be on the couch with my piggies propped up for the remainder of the day. Now, I'm not going to give all the credit to the socks for my PR, I've been working hard these past few weeks! But I will give credit to how I felt while running and even today, sporting heels at the office without a wince of pain! For more information on Celliant, what it is, how it's made and where to find it visit