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Over the Halfway Hump

A snapshot from of the reservoir. Pretty, yes? (Photo courtesy of

It’s crazy to think there are only three weeks left till race day! I’m happy to report that my runs last week went much smoother thanks to the absolutely gorgeous weather we got here in NYC. It’s hard to be in a bad mood when you wake up to 65-degree temperatures, no matter how sleepy you may be. My long run last week was 11 miles. Instead of doing my usual loop around the outside of Central Park I tried something different–running on the reservoir and bridle paths on the inside of the park. These paths are great for runners recovering from an injury because it’s a softer tread, making the impact with the ground less severe.

Though the thought of running in circles made me cringe, once I set out and hit a groove it turned out to be a really nice change of scenery! Instead of wondering how far along I was on my route, checking to make sure I wasn’t lost or constantly glancing at my watch, I was able to completely zone out and enjoy myself. Before I knew it, I was eight miles in and ready to start my trot back home. It was also unusual that I didn’t think about anything on this particular run, since typically this is where I do my best brainstorming! Any time I have a difficult decision to make or hectic day, I use running to sort through my thoughts and regroup. So while I didn’t have my outfits for the week planned out (like I said, I make very serious decisions while running) or any idea what to make for dinner after my run, I did come back feeling relaxed and refreshed, two things that don’t necessarily go hand in hand with 11 miles! On top of that, my pace was a full 30 seconds faster than usual. Lesson learned for future long runs–less thinking, more zoning!

Now tell me: What do you think about when you run? Is it your next race, your day or something else? Tell me in the comments below, I’m curious!