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My Legs Get an Unexpected Rest (and Some New Ink!)

My new tattoo sidelined my running for the week. This week I'm getting back on course!

Another week goes down in the books! I can't believe I’ll be running this race so soon! I have to admit, I'm actually getting really excited, the longer I train the more confident I feel about actually being able to run this thing. But this week was a little strange for me. You know the saying, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas?” Well, that was not so much the case for me. My sister Hannah and I were there for an appearance and while I was there I decided to get a tattoo. Not that big of a deal, but in the whim of the moment I thought it would be awesome to put the tattoo on the top of my foot. When I made this decision I was thinking about how adorable it would look in heels and strappy sandals. I was not thinking about healing time or not being able to run.

That’s right, not being able to run for four days. Moral of the story is: Don't get a tattoo on your foot when training for a half-marathon.

To offset the time of missed running I did extra strength training at 212Crossfit. I did also cheat a little by doing some SoulCycle, but I couldn’t just sit around, right? I don't feel like all was lost last week, but I do feel a little behind. To make up for lost time this week, I'm going to add a little more mileage spread throughout the week. I don't feel it will make me or break me in the end, but I'm such a mental nut that I know it will give me peace of mind.

My foot was slightly sore when I went back to running, but after two runs I totally forgot about it. I'm proud to say that so far I'm still injury free aside from the occasional soreness, which I welcome anyway. How are you all doing? What is working or not working for you? Got any tips for me? Leave them in the comments, I'll take all the help I can get!