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Meet Colleen, Our Half-Marathon Experienced Runner

Hello finish line, so nice to see you! (Photo courtesy of Brightcove)

Hi there! I'm Colleen, Web Editor here at and I am super excited to run my second More/Fitness Half-Marathon this year on April 15!

The last time I did this race in 2009 we had a freak day of weather that hit high 80 degree temperatures so early in the morning that New York Road Runners was forced to make the race non-competitive to protect runners from heat exhaustion and getting sick. That was the first half-marathon I ever ran, and I was terrified. I followed all the training rules by the book, which wasn't necessarily a good thing. There is a saying in racing, "Nothing new, tried and true." This basically means that race day is not the time to eat or wear something you've never ran in before, just in case it upsets your stomach, causes chafing, etc. The entire time I trained I wore Under Armour Women's Evo ColdGear Tights and nothing, not even the oppressing heat at 8:30 a.m. was going to pry them off my body for race day.

As you can guess, that was a big mistake. I finished the race but not without being very uncomfortable and very hot, something that could have been avoided if I had just worn shorts! Since that day I have tweaked the saying to include, "Nothing new, tried and true (unless it is 80 degrees outside and you are wearing pants!)". I am excited to run the half this year with more running experience under my belt. Since that race, I've completed the ING NYC 2010 Marathon (that's me crossing the finish line above!) and am gearing up to run another fall marathon in 2012.

Click read more to see what's making Colleen nervous about this half-marathon.

While I am pretty pumped to hit the road again, I am nervous about what I'm calling my "big girl" training plan. Training for past races, including the marathon, I always followed a beginner plan, which typically gives you two rest days. The training wheels are off with my new advanced plan, with only one rest day and some serious mileage even at Week 1! I tend to coast along on most of my runs, so I definitely think this plan will give me a good kick to get my butt in gear and snag a PR this race, not just finish it.

On tap for this week, some 4 to 5 miles runs during the week followed by a 7-mile long run this weekend. Here we go!

Tell me: Are you training for the More/FITNESS Half-Marathon, or any other race this winter? How many rest days do you give yourself?