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Fit Fashion for Training Runs

The Nike Lunar Glides are a treat for Marla's feet! (Photo by Bryan McCay)

Some people can throw on a basic running tee, a pair of black tights and some old running shoes and be all set and ready to run on race day. Me, on the other hand? Not so much. Whether I am lifting weights at the gym, taking a yoga class or venturing out on a long distance run, I always make sure to dress in super cute workout clothes (because let’s face it, you never know who you are going to run into, right?).

So naturally, I have started planning my race outfit. Call me crazy, but this is important! April weather is so unpredictable and I have a feeling that I am going to end up changing my outfit a million times. I would normally wear a tank top with a bright jacket or pullover top, but I'm thinking that a cute tee, like this Lululemon one (I have it in neon yellow and it is so cute!), is going to be my go-to piece. The moisture wicking fabric will keep me dry and the comfortable fit will allow me to move with ease.

When it comes to pants, I am a capri girl. These Nike capris have been so great to me throughout training and I think I might have to wear them on race day. The mesh panels in the back of the knee are great for ventilation. Plus, the zip pocket in the back will be a great place to store my electrolyte chews. Socks have been tricky for me. I am still trying to find the right pair that allows my feet to breathe (yes, I will admit it, my feet sweat so much!), while also preventing chafing, and providing some sort of cushioning. Anybody have any recommendations for me? Sneakers are the easy part. I am totally a Nike girl and have always sworn by their running shoes, so I am planning on wearing my black and hot pink Lunar Glides on race day (I have to give a shout out to my girl Megan over at Nike for hooking me up with such awesome kicks. They're so cute. Thank you!). I also have a pair of Asics that I am starting to break in and warm up to, so there may soon be a sneaker feud. May the best pair win, right?

Keep your fingers crossed that the sun will be shining so I don’t have to worry about rain gear. Not only would it be less fun for me, but for all of my family and friends who are coming to watch me run! I'd love to know what you all wear to your races! Any suggestions for “must-have” gadgets or apparel?