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Spring (Half-Marathon) Training

Marla enjoyed the spring-like weather with a run in the park!

I don’t know about you guys, but I was feeling strong this week. Between the AMAZING weather we had over the weekend and my excitement to get out and run, I set some high standards for myself this week and I succeeded!

I started the week off running hills on the treadmill. Not ideal, but since it was dark out, I didn’t really have any other options. As you all know, I hate running a lot of mileage on the treadmill, so instead of working on distance, I decided to take advantage of the incline. I ran for 45 steady minutes and I kicked that treadmill’s butt! It felt awesome. If it wasn’t 9 p.m., I probably would have kept going, but my hungry stomach was telling me to go home and eat dinner!

I felt my strongest during Thursday night’s run. I've been training on the indoor track at Seton Hall University’s Rec Center every Thursday for a change of scenery, and this week I set a goal for myself to run 50 laps. Just as I was about to start my last mile, the gym was closing so I did not complete my goal, but I was pretty psyched that I was able to get through as much as I did!

Saturday was my favorite workout of the week. Since the sun was shining and the air was crisp, I headed to a local park to do my training. I brought my mom and dog Dolce, along with me too! The park used to be a golf course, but after closing a few years ago, the town turned it into a gorgeous park with bike, running and walking trails. Since I had worked on running hills earlier in the week, I was excited to get on the hilly course to see how I could do. I ran for about an hour, and even though the golf course hills whipped me into shape, I decided that I need to hit the gym this week to strengthen my legs a little more.

I'm looking forward to seeing how I progress this week, and I plan on setting some more goals for myself. These targets motivate me to work harder and I always feel good when I accomplish them! One goal that I have already established for this week is to master this white bean hummus recipe. It’s a healthy snack that will keep me energized throughout my runs, but also tastes yummy with some pita chips!