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No Regrets

Silver Comet Trail Half Marathon 2012I  recently finished my second half-marathon. I wasn't sure up until a week before if I was even going to do it.  I went back and forth about IF my body was ready to run another half marathon. You see, I am a planner.  I like to make a plan and stick to it.  I had an 8-week training plan and I missed a few of the long runs.  This caused doubt in my head that I wasn't ready. I did two 10 mile runs on the last two Sundays and those went well.  I was slower than I had run them before but I still ran them in a decent time.

It wasn't until the Sunday before the race that I decided I could in fact do it and I would run it. I wasn't going to break any personal records.  I wasn't going to get out there and be miserable the whole time I was running.  I decided I would enjoy the race, walk if I needed to, and enjoy the beautiful fall weather. That's exactly what I did. I finished about 10  minutes later than my first half-marathon but you know what, I finished.  And...I enjoyed it! I allowed myself to go at the pace that was right for me.  I allowed myself to enjoy the beautiful fall weather and the trail I was on.  I allowed myself to just be in the moment. And I finished. Later that afternoon, I was sitting down having a moment of silence for the morning I had just had.  I sat there thinking, "This moment would have happened whether I ran that race or not."  The good thing was, I was sitting in that moment with no regrets.  I did it.  I doubted it, but in the end, I did it. I lived with no regrets. I think this is pertinent to so many areas of life.  Things come up daily and decisions must be made.  Ask yourself next time you are making a major decision, "Will I regret the decision I make?"  Make sure you live with no regrets. I don't regret joining Weight Watchers almost 4 years ago. I don't regret doing my first half marathon or my second. I don't regret signing up for my fourth Gobble Jog on Thanksgiving morning. In general, I don't EVER regret a workout or a good health decision. The only regrets I have are the ones where I make an unhealthy decision for me and my body. I want to encourage you to...Live with no regrets.  

Jennifer Swafford writes about weekly weigh ins, healthy recipes, product reviews, and weight loss at It Sux To Be Fat. Follow her journey on Twitter or Facebook as she goes through life’s ups and downs and takes her new healthy lifestyle one day at a time.