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Beat the Heat: Tips Runners Should Remember

It’s so easy to get intimidated by the summer heat and decide to just bring your run indoors on the treadmill. Summer running can be enjoyable, if you can avoid overheating. Running during the summertime makes you think of the sun beaming down on you and sweat dripping down your face.

Most importantly, when you think of summer running, you may consider the safety precautions that may be taken like wearing sunscreen. Whatever you think of when you consider summer running, it is always a great thing to do. Running outside in the summer gives you a chance to get some fresh air and a good exercise at the same time. (Click to keep reading!)

The heat can be overwhelming, so running before the sun gets above the horizon or as the sun is setting is a great idea. If you must run when the sun is up, pick a shady course. And of course, for the lunchtime runners, make sure you put on enough sunscreen and stay hydrated. If the heat gets overwhelming, it’s always okay to migrate inside for a few days. It’s also important to pace yourself while running outside during the summer as the sun can be extremely draining. It is never a good idea to over-do it with the heat showing no remorse to those just trying to get a workout in. In the summer heat, it is a good idea to also wear light clothing -- many of the new, technical fibers will absorb the moisture from your skin, and produce a cooling effect. Regular cotton clothing will soak up the sweat, making the garment heavy and stick to your skin. Yuck!

So, as you hit the pavement, use your best judgment!

Speaking of summer running, Black Girls RUN! and AARP are concluding the summer with their Drive to End Hunger 5K and 10K Race, September 16th in Atlanta, GA. Here, runners, walkers, men, and women will come together to fight hunger and obesity in our communities.

In the mean time, throw on your favorite sunscreen, drink lots of water, and take a jog outside on a nice, sunny day this summer!