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Introducing the Fitterati!

Fitterati Blogger Introduction

Congratulations to the winners of our blogger awards! Get to know them in this brand new online section, The Fitterati!

A few months ago, The 2012 Fitterati Blogger Awards asked our readers to nominate and vote for their favorite health and fitness bloggers. We received more than 400 nominations, approved just barely over 200 to be voted on, and received nearly 19,000 votes. (!!)  Six Readers' Choice Winners rose to the top, one from each category:

Healthy Living, Healthy Eating, Running, Weight Loss, Personal Trainer, and Inspirational. FITNESS judges then selected another six Editor's Choice Winners, for a total of 12 Fitteratis. These bloggers aren't just working it out on the web--they're the ones making sincere connections with you, with their fellow bloggers, with top experts, and with their communities. They hail from all around the country, range from their 20's to their 40's, and each have a unique voice and style. Their commonality: They're all passionate about their health -- and FITNESS is thrilled to welcome them on board as our newest contributors.

Pick up the July/August issue to see The Fitterati's faces in the magazine, visit (all the time!), and make sure to follow their individual blogs as well.

P.S. - Want to be a future Fitterati? Hey, it can happen! Our advice is to keep blogging...we saw a ton of nominations come in for newbie bloggers who showed a lot of promise! The Fitteratis have all been blogging for awhile, so make sure to scope out their sites for ideas and inspiration.