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The Best Sunscreen News We've Heard All Year

Photo by Laura Doss

The United States might finally be catching up with the rest of the world in skincare and sun protection. The House passed a bill Monday that would expedite the Food and Drug Administration's approval process for new sunscreen ingredients—many of which are old news to Europe, Asia and Australia. The FDA hasn't approved a new ingredient in 15 years (seriously!), and some applications have been pending approval for more than 10. The reason? Many claim it's a simple overflow of approval work and a lack of information. Because sunscreen is viewed as a cosmetic product in the EU, there isn't much hard data available on whether or not these ingredients are completely safe, thus stalling the process. Now the bill is headed to the Senate, and if it passes, The Sunscreen Innovation Act would slap 18-month deadlines on the FDA for approving new applications, but would only apply to ingredients that have been sold outside of the U.S. for at least five years. Many of those ingredients make sunscreen easier to apply and prolong its effect, meaning more protection for us without the goopy, sticky mess. Fingers crossed for better ingredients and healthier skin!   Photo by Laura Doss

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