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The New Stylish, Sporty Sunglasses from Oakley and the Tone It Up Girls

Written by Anna Hecht, editorial intern Equal parts fun and fit is how we’d describe the dynamic duo that is the Tone It Up Girls, Katrina Hodgson and Karena Dawn. They developed their own fitness following through YouTube workout videos, fitness products, a Bravo reality TV show and a bikini line. Now Karena and Katrina have teamed up with Oakley, creating a fashionably fit sunglasses line. Available at, the “Oakley Sunnies” range in price from $170 for the “Katrina” aviators, and $190 for the “Karena” activewear frame. While many activewear sunglasses traditionally have a sportier look, these styles still function as activewear shades, yet they are ultra stylish for everyday wear as well. Finally, the best of both worlds! We met up with the California cuties at the launch party in New York City last week to chat about their new sunglasses line and get the inside scoop on their bikini body secrets.

What inspired you to collaborate with Oakley to make a sunglasses line? Karena: We were like, “Let’s do it!” Oakley is actually the only brand of active sunglasses I’ve ever worn. I have been wearing them for like 8 years—way back when I first started competing in triathlons. Katrina: We love all of their sunglasses. They are lightweight—so, you don’t get headaches. Karena: Kat and I do painting and drawing and we love design—so it seemed like the perfect match to design sunglasses. We incorporated some of our artwork. The blue and green colors from my painting of the wave, which hangs in my house, and they are on the inside of the “Karena” frame. And, the colors in Kat’s painting of the mermaid inspired the color of the “Katrina” aviators.

What are some features women should look for when buying a pair of active wear sunglasses? Katrina: I think it’s good to have someone fit you so you can get a good pair for your face. If the lenses are resting on your cheeks, then maybe you need a smaller frame, or they just need to tighten up the nose pad—there are so many things that I didn’t even know about sunglasses until I started working with Oakley, [so getting that fit right is important].

You’re in bikinis all the time for your job. What are your body confidence secrets? Katrina: Work what your mother gave ya! What I tell women to do, is when they wake up in the morning, take their heartbeat and just kind of meditate for 60 seconds. We are so blessed to be healthy, be here and have the bodies that we have. Karena: Confidence is kind of a state of mind, too.

How do your bikinis stay in place when you’re working out?! Karena: They stay in place! No secrets. No double-stick tape. There have probably been a few…um… slip-ups, but we edit those out. Katrina: If it’s something really intense, then we wear a sports bra, but if it’s like Pilates or something where you are on the beach, it feels so good just to be in a bikini top.

What’s your favorite pre-bikini meal? Karena: Oh! We love smoothies. We have our own line of dairy-free protein. So, we would say if you are going to go to the beach, have a protein pancake, which is made of egg whites and our protein powder. Or you can have a smoothie.  

How long have you known each other? Katrina: 6 years. Karena: It was accelerated because if you think about it, we’re together more than any married couple. We lived together, work together,hang out as friends… Katrina: Coming to New York City, we had separate hotels room and I went into my hotel room yesterday, right after we flew in, and it was so quiet… Karena: So, 5 minutes after checking in, she was knocking on my door, like “Hi,” with her suitcase. Katrina: And a bottle of wine!

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