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Kristen Bell Creates Hilarious Videos with Lipton—And Spills Her Mother's Day Plans

You know her as the teenage private eye from Veronica Mars, the coy narrator of Gossip Girl, Jason Segel's hilarious ex in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and oh yeah, the adorable Anna in the mega-successful Disney hit, Frozen (seriously, the animated film is now the best-selling Blu-ray...and I can't stop singing "Love Is An Open Door"). It's safe to say Kristen Bell is one of America's beloved actresses, and she's just bursting with talent. Instead of keeping it all in front of the camera, though, she took a few steps to land behind it in her first shot at creative director. Partnering with Lipton for a three-video series of short films, Bell has launched the Win an Extra SUNday campaign, and let me tell you—the prize for us busy, over-worked women is suh-weet.

But before we dive into those deets, we figured it was best to know more about the blonde beauty calling the shots of these funny vids. When she's not working with the camera, Bell can be found taking care of her family—adorable baby Lincoln and hubby Dax Shepard. On her schedule for Mother's Day? "Definitely watching Game of Thrones," she says. "Otherwise, I have no idea." But now that she's had about a year to get her grasp on motherhood, she's realized it's taught her to let go of the little things. Take household chores, for instance. "I used to get very frustrated if my house wasn't tidy and would always be cleaning it," she confesses. "And [now] when faced with the decision of sitting with her and making more of a mess because it makes her smile, or cleaning up, I will always choose the former. I'm like, 'There are blocks all over. Yeah, so what? She likes to throw blocks. Big deal.'"

Now you may be wondering if little Lincoln had any influence on Bell's decision to be the voice of Anna. The answer: not even a little bit. Frozen was a three-and-a-half year endeavor (Fun fact: Bell says at one point Anna and Elsa were mother and daughter, rather than sisters), so obviously she got started well before she was pregnant. So what got her on board? Good ole' Disney. A longtime fan who named Aladdin, Sleeping Beauty and 101 Dalmations as just a few of her faves, getting invited to play a Disney character was, well, a dream come true. "Knowing that I would have a fingerprint on something that would affect children the way those [films] affected me was really exciting and I said yes immediately."

So how does she feel now that it's such a hit—and her songs have spun off countless viral videos (watch a few faves here and here)? "It makes me so, so happy," she says—with a ginormous smile. "The team behind Frozen was so committed to telling a different story—a modern story—that related to this problem that we all saw, which was how to choose love over fear. Should you be afraid of something that's new or unique or different? Or should you just love? The fact that that's what the movie stands behind makes me feel like we've done a little bit of good."

And if Frozen does end up on Broadway—fingers crossed!—you can bet your bottom dollar that Bell wants in on that. When I asked if she was open to the opportunity, I received a resounding, "Hell yes! Absolutely! I hope they invite us."

Since this is FITNESS, we of course wanted to know how she got back her body after baby. Bell gives all the credit to Pilates, which she does with a friend in her basement, and prioritizing exercise. "I feel better mentally when I have exercised once during the day, even if that's just running around the block." she says. But Bell doesn't forget about food, either. "I don't gravitate toward things that are in a package. I do gravitate toward carbs (editor's note: preach!), but they'll be of the fresher variety—New York City bagels are high on the guilty-pleasure list— and I really like whole fruits and vegetables."

Now, back to this Win an Extra SUNday contest. From May 16th to September 6th, any time you drink a specially-marked Lipton bottle, grab the code under the lid and visit to enter them. If you're selected as a winner, you can earn minutes that count toward having Lipton complete tasks on your to-do list, like mowing the lawn or dropping off dry-cleaning. "People can win the ability to give Lipton all of your chores and then you can just go out and have fun and be playful," explains Bell. I don't know about you, but there's a load of laundry sitting in my hamper that I would not mind someone taking off my hands...

In the meantime, check out Bell's first vid below, and tune in to the others as they're released this summer. You'll definitely get a few laughs, but I wouldn't be surprised if you get a few ideas of chores to pass off if Lipton shows up at your door.

Photo courtesy of Lipton. 

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