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Get #FitForLove this Valentine's Day: Workouts with Your "Sweatie"

All day on Instagram, we've been sharing partner exercises you and your loved one - whether that's romantic or bestie status - can do together to break a sweat. After all, those who sweat together stay together, and saying, "See ya, I'm off to the gym" is no way to spend your Valentine's Day. Head there together (the obvious solution) and bust out these exercises from some of our favorite trainers. Then be sure to follow us on Instagram for all the fun, fit updates your heart could ever desire!

Lovers Lunges and Passion Push-Ups: Extreme Weight Loss' Chris and Heidi Powell

Follow them on Instagram: @realchrispowell, @realheidipowell

The married trainers challenge you to get physical with your partner. With a running clock, do as many rounds of 14 lunges, followed by 14 push-ups, as you can in 9 minutes. A kiss at the bottom of those push-ups is optional, but totally recommended.

Lovers Lunges: Stand facing each other with right hands clasped together. Step back with left leg into a lunge, keeping hands clasped. Drive through your front leg to return to starting position, then switch to clasp left hands and lunge back with right leg.

Passion Push-Ups: The stronger partner (1) should lay on the ground facing up with feet together. The other partner (2) will straddle partner 1's legs and clasp hands. Partner 2 performs a push-up as partner 1 lowers and presses partner 2 back to starting position.

Couple Planks: 20-Minute Body Trainer Brett Hoebel and FlyBarre Instructor Shay Kostabi

Follow them on Instagram: @bretthoebel, @shaykostabi

Partner 1 starts in plank position, the other on hands and knees perpendicular to first partner. Partner 2 brings one leg up to tailbone area (avoid lower back!), then the other leg, until both are up and extended straight. Hold for 1 minute. For an extra sizzle, partner 2 lifts one leg up (shown).

Ain't No Mountain (Climbers) High Enough: Barry's Bootcamp Besties Rebecca Kennedy and Patrick Frost

Follow them on Instagram: @barrysbootcamp, @rksolidnyc, @patrickfrost2

Partner 1 lays on bench with soles of feet on bench, hands behind head, chin neutral. Do a sit-up, reaching hands forward. At the same time, partner 2 holds top of partner 1's feet and does incline mountain climbers. Repeat for one minute; switch positions. And don't forget a sweaty smooch at the top of your sit-up!

Love Leg Toss: BarreAmped Creator Suzanne Bowen with Husband Levi

Follow them on Instagram: @suzannebowenfitness, @kliewvii

To start, partner 1 lays on ground with partner 2 standing on either side of head. Holding partner 2's ankles, brace back by pulling abs in. Partner 1 lifts legs toward partner 2's hands. Partner 2 tosses legs slowly with control; don't let feet touch ground. Use core to lift legs back up. Repeat for 1 minute; trade positions. Make it easier by tossing 1 leg at a time.

Pound Your HeartBEAT: Creators of The POUND Workout

Follow them on Instagram: @thepoundgirls

Both sit facing partner with bent knees, toes touching & RipStix in hand (you can sub weights, but the stix are way cooler). Lean back slightly to contract abs and hold knees together. Bring RipStix across body, meeting partner's stick in the middle. Switch sides. Repeat 30 times, 4 times through. Boost your burn by balancing in boat pose with both partner's feet hovering off ground (shown).

Stretch Your Love...or Hamstrings: Brick CrossFit NYC Instructor Amy Kwidzinski and Husband Mike

Follow them on Instagram:@bricknewyork, @amykwid, @makwidzinski

End your day with a deep partner stretch. Face each other and extend legs fully, soles of feet touching. Interlock hands; partner 1 gently pulls partner 2 toward them to feel a stretch in the hamstrings. Hold for 8-10 seconds. Take a deep breath and try to move a little deeper into the stretch. Return to start, switch roles.

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