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Your Guide to Holiday Dressing

Drop the Christmas sweater! We repeat: Drop the Christmas sweater! And while you're at it, ditch your sequin dress, plaid shirts and candy cane earrings. This holiday season, we don't want you to look like a walking Christmas present, so we've pulled together some tips that will have you acing holiday style, without looking like you belong under the tree. We love a good ugly Christmas sweater party, but they call them that for a reason. There are other ways to be festive on Christmas without sporting Rudolph all day. We suggest layering a crisp white shirt under an oversized cozy cable knit or funnel neck sweater, like the one below. It reeks of chicness, and if grandma asks why you didn't wear the sweater she got you last year, just show her pictures from that party you went to. We think she'll approve.To wear tights, or not to wear tights? That is the question. We all face it this time of year (at least those of us living in cities with freezing temps), so why not nix it all together and opt for pants instead? Sure, a dress or skirt might feel like the right option for your holiday bash, but a cool pair of leather pants and some sexy pumps can have the same effect without the goosebumps and the chills. 

What better time to turn up the glam than the holidays? But beware: add too much glitz and you wind up looking like a snow globe. Instead of a dress covered in sequins (that you'll probably only wear once anyway, right?), keep the base simple and stack on some major bling. Whether you're into dainty diamond rings or chunky statement pieces, use jewels to make a show-stopping entrance. For more accessory ideas, check out this story from our November/December issue! Plaid is at the top of our winter love list, right up there with hot chocolate and cozy blankets. When it comes to the holidays though, we think it's a bit cliche to show up to Christmas dinner in it. Call us Ebenezer, but we think you can do better than the plaid shirt/cute skirt combo. Swap in a fun graphic tee, and save the flannel for bedtime. Now you tell us: what's your favorite holiday accessory?