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A New Year’s Pre-solution? Genius, Flywheel!

Cycle off that holiday weight!

Here it is. The homestretch to 2014. What lies between now and next year are potentially weeks of unbridled eating and holiday abandon. But in the spirit of “the best defense is a good offense,” Flywheel studios may just yet give your year, ahem, a tight end. The hip indoor cycling chain is kicking off what it calls a Holiday Express Challenge on Monday, December 2 (Yes, this coming Monday, after you’ve polished off the last slice of pie). Your mission for the following 21 days, if you choose to accept it: Take five classes per week. At  Flywheel studios that also offer sculpting classes, the split will be three FlyBarre classes and two Flywheel classes. The Holiday Express Challenge will also include a special workshop on techniques and a nutrition seminar for surviving all that party food. Check out Flywheel's website to sign up or get more scoop. So, who's joining the challenge? We're ready to get our rears in gear!

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