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HGTV's Property Brothers Face-Off In a FITNESS Competition: Who's the Better Brother?

If you're anything like me, then you agree that there's not much better than cozying up on the couch after a tough workout, flipping to the HGTV channel and watching two cute twins help people find a diamond-in-the-rough house, fix 'er up and present a dream home - all within a budget that the new homeowners decide on. Of course, I'm talking about one of HGTV's most popular shows, Property Brothers, featuring Jonathan and Drew Scott. The guys have been in the business since they were 18 (making a $50K profit on their first home), but they've had plenty of other things on their plate over the years. Fun fact: Drew - the real estate expert - was a personal trainer and has a degree in Kinesiology! "Both Jonathan and I coached karate, basketball and volleyball in high school," explains Drew. "So I studied kinesiology, fully planning on becoming a PE teacher, which ended up turning into me being a personal trainer instead."

Watch the videos below to find out why the Property Brothers are wearing those ridiculous outfits, and who's more skilled with a hula hoop.


While he's the gym junkie of the duo, Jonathan does his fair share of heavy lifting for work - after all, he is tearing down walls and putting them back up. And you might just catch him jamming to Hilary Duff while hammering away (no, we're not kidding). Most embarrassing song on his playlist? "A remake of  'Reach Out,'" he says. "It's a really great song!" As for what's pulsing through Drew's earbuds, it's a healthy mix of Miley Cyrus (now we know where Jonathan gets his wrecking ball and twerking inspiration from), Muse and...Tony Robbins' motivational clips. "I played Drew's playlist once and he's got good music playing," says Jonathan. "There's a country song here, pop there and all of a sudden it goes to, 'You are a great person. And people like you.'" Drew quickly interjects, explaining those are Robbins' tracks. "It's not like I have myself on my recorder saying, 'Drew, you're amazing. People love you. I accept you.' I get made fun of all the time because I'm a motivated individual." That motivation is a big part of the brothers' success. Tune in to HGTV a few nights a week because you'll find them more than once. There's the aforementioned Property Brothers, then they have Buying and Selling and their latest competition show, Brother vs. Brother. So why three shows? "Every one's a little bit different," explains Jonathan. "I like that they're all the perfect compliment to the others. On Property Brothers, I get to do the biggest designs, and they're my designs, so I love that aspect of it. Whereas on Brother vs. Brother, we're more just mentoring these contestants, and it's completely up to them to make the decisions and mistakes, and of course, there a lot of mistakes."

While Property Brothers lets Jonathan's creativity soar, Buying and Selling is Drew's sweet spot in the trio. "As an agent, I can actually show some of my tips, like how people can stage a home and what helps it move quicker," he says. "It shows more of the property search, so that's really fun for me to educate from a realtor's point of view." But when Drew's not at the gym and Jonathan's not lugging heavy beams all over a construction site, you're likely to find them eating sushi, playing sports or getting involved with one of their many philanthropic initiatives (OK, you might find Jonathan performing a magic show - he was once the third best illusionist in North America!) - the pair are global ambassadors for World Vision, and work with Artists for Peace and Justice, St. Baldrick's and FLOTUS Michelle Obama's Let's Move campaign. "We grew up on a ranch and were always out playing, which is why we like to stay healthy and active today," says Jonathan. And these initiatives let them carry on that tradition, Drew chimes in. "We're always looking for new things where we can encourage kids that being active is fun and getting off the couch is a good thing." So after all this talk of being active and fit, we decided to put the brothers to the test. With one on an active site all day and the other working hard in the gym, which one will come out on top? We gave them three major challenges - watch the video below to see who wins the Brother vs. Brother game, FITNESS-style: 

If you want more of the Property Brothers, tune in to a new episode on HGTV tonight!


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