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Yankees' Relief Pitcher David Robertson Talks Baseball, Charity Work and What He Loves Most About Fit Women

Hangin' out with David...sans my workout gear. Darn. (Photo courtesy of Lipton)

Going to the Home Run Derby is one of those things you can bet your guy has on his "To Do Before I Die" bucket list. And since the famous fundraising event moves from city to city each summer, it's that much harder to land a ticket. Lucky for us, this year's Derby landed right here in New York City at Citi Field. Announcing their new status as an official MLB sponsor, Lipton graciously hosted this major baseball fan to watch hit after hit (along with a mini concert from Pit Bull - "Feel This Moment" is just as good live, FYI), then introduced me to Yankees' relief pitcher David Robertson. Read on to see how our chat went - trust me, you want to: He let us in on the most attractive look fit women rock.

Lipton is now an official MLB sponsor. Are you excited to be partnering with them?

I am! I’m really excited because these guys sent me like five or six cases of tea, and I drink the green tea all the time. I love it. I buy it all the time anyway, so now that they sent me some, my fridge is stocked. It’s become my morning routine to just grab one of the green teas with citrus and suck it down. I feel like I get my little caffeine boost and I’m hydrated; ready for the day.

Every home run tonight equals a donation to a few select charities. If you could choose any charity yourself, which would be your pick?

Well, I have my own charity. It's High Socks for Hope, and we do disaster relief. Right now we're helping Hurricane Sandy victims. We started the charity because my hometown, Tuscaloosa, AL, was hit by a tornado and it destroyed over 15 percent of the town. I knew friends and people that lost everything, so we kind of made it our off-the-field job to help regroup, bringing out goodie bags and figuring out how to take the next step in the rebuilding process. We do a lot of furnishing homes and work with Habitat for Humanity. So I’d say give it to us because we will use that money. We’ve helped thousands of families and we’ll help thousands more.

I’m from upstate New York, and my hometown recently experienced a ton of flooding. It's the same thing: People I grew up with had their homes destroyed.

And no one realizes that when it’s a year later, not everything’s been fixed. That’s where we can step in and help. We know people who, just to get their houses cleaned up, it takes nine or ten months. They don’t have any money left to buy furniture. So we buy them furniture, mattresses, beds, sofas, anything. Anything we can give them, we do.

That’s great. Switching gears over to fitness, what kind of stuff do you do to keep in shape? Give us a day in the life.

Alright, I’ll give you the quick rundown day. I like to start my workouts with a 5-7 minute run, just enough to get sweaty, and then I do band workouts for my hips to get them strong. From there, on a lower body day, I’ll do things like squat, split squat, side-to-side movements, single leg squats, etc. On an upper body day I'll start the same way, but then do things on the bosu ball and band workouts, maybe use some light dumbbells. I’ll go through tons of exercises. My core workouts come once or twice a week - I do a lot to strengthen my obliques and keep them strong throughout the season so I don’t tear them.

How many hours a day would you say you workout?

During the season, they're actually pretty short - about 45 minutes; sometimes shorter, depending on how my body feels that day. You can get a lot done in 30 minutes.

So, as FITNESS readers, we really care about being fit and active, and obviously you do too. What about active women appeals most to you?

I like the outfits.

Oh, really?

That’s my favorite part. I love when women are wearing the sports bra and the short shorts or the capri pants. I love that look. I like the high hip stuff, too.

High-waisted pants, you mean?

No, those leotards you see high up. Big fan of that.

Very nice. Throwback fan over here!


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