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Music Monday: Designer Heidi Smith's Summer Playlist Picks

Now that summer is officially in full swing (and bringing the heat!), we really want your playlists to pop. And don’t worry, we get it – your tastes vary. Heck, they’re ridiculously diverse amongst our staff! To keep everyone’s earbuds happy, we’re plugging you in to the songs that make us sweat. Every Monday will reveal a new editor’s playlist – pick one who lines up with your preferred beats, download their top tunes and get back to enjoying your workouts.


Heidi Smith, Freelance Designer

Whether you were born in the 90s, like me, or just enjoy a throwback to a great decade, this playlist will bring back old memories that you just can't help but sing along to. Whenever I need an extra push to stay energized and keep moving, I always plug into these picks. Now do the same and travel back in time a bit!

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