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Accessorize at Your Own Risk for Shark Week

Obsession is an understatement when it comes to Shark Week. We wait all summer long for a week full of nail biting deep sea adventures, views from the shark cam and gruesome attacks. If it were up to us, every week would be #SharkWeek! Sadly though, we'll soon have to bid adieu to Jaws and Bruce for another year, and hope that we'll be able to hop onto our paddle boards and get back in the open water without running into any unwanted fins. Eek! In case you're crazy about sharks, too, and need a fix after all of the hype settles down, we rounded up some of our favorite shark-themed accessories. Accessorize at your own risk: Society 6 Shark Attack iPhone Case ($35, Vanessa Mooney Shark Tooth Ring ($35, Billabong Sweettooth Cap ($24, Finn Jewelry Baby Mako Tooth Necklace ($1,350, Toms Discovery Shark Camo Shoes ($79,