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Some Swag for Your Running Stride

Nike, New Balance, or Saucony? What's your fav?


True story: I was out for a run last week when a friend of mine saw me run by his apartment. He sent a text saying, "Stop! Turn around! Come hang out!" Cue the girly-girl rant in my head, "Oh gosh, I can't believe he just saw me running. I'm a sweaty mess. This is so embarrassing. I can't go over there!" But since I suffer from a small case of FOMO (c'mon ladies, admit it, you do too!), I couldn't resist the invite. So after finishing my loop, I ran back to his pad, sweaty mess and all. As I walked in, my friend said, "You look super official. Like a sponsored athlete or something. What should I be wearing so can I look as cool as you when I run?" At first I thought he was being facetious, being that I was decked out in neon shorts, neon sneaks and a tank that had neon lettering (A little obnoxious? Maybe), but he was serious. And I gladly took the compliment. Now to the point of my story: I get asked about running gear a lot; specifically sneakers. My job as the Fashion Assistant here at FITNESS lends me the title of "sneaker expert" amongst my friends. I know which shoes are the best for marathon training (see my pick below!), which brands have the best minimalist styles, and which sneakers are the coolest each season. All tech-talk aside, if the shoes aren't cute, we're not buying them. Right?  So from a fashionable stance, these are my fave running sneakers for logging miles this summer:

Saucony Kinvara 4: These shoes are my obsession. Seriously, they're that good. I've trained for countless half-marathons in Kinvaras, and I've turned lots of runners into Kinvara fans (Saucony, you can thank me later). I love the explosion of hot pink and neon yellow on my newest pair, and feel pretty awesome running down the streets of my hood. You might need sunglasses to protect your eyes from the brightness. #justsayin

Nike Air Pegasus 30+: So we've seen the Free and become fans of the Fly Knit, but this Nike style should totally be on your radar, too. I'm a sucker for a good throwback, and these kicks have a serious old school vibe. And when you're done running, you can rock them with a cool pair of boyfriend jeans and a tee for a laid back look on the weekend.

New Balance Minimus Hi-Rez: Space age shoes? Sure, why not? These awesome weightless sneaks have a futuristic feel that will be sure to make people look twice as you run by, and not in a bad way. Plus, you get the minimalist feel, without going totally barefoot. It's a win-win situation, people!

Now you tell us: What's your sneaker of choice?