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Boost Your Running Mix with Slacker

I'm in the early weeks of training for the ING NYC Marathon in November, but my go-to playlist is already getting a little stale during those long weekend runs. Enter Slacker, a music service you can listen to and personalize on any device. The free subscription allows you to create and listen to stations ranging anywhere from Top 40 tunes to DJ-customized ones that are updated weekly. Slacker also has two subscription levels for even more music. The first allows you to have unlimited skips and the ability to download radio stations for $3.99/month. For $9.99/month you can create your own playlists, listen to full albums (aka never have to buy music again) and–my favorite part–download your own playlist or one that's already made right to your device. You mean I never have to scroll through my music library and piece together a playlist again? Sold.

To sign up for Slacker visit Looking for a playlist boost of your own? Below, Slacker's in-house music guru DJ Parker shares her favorite new songs that are perfect to work up a sweat to.