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The Savvy Girl's Secret to Staying in Shape This Summer (Hint: It's Free!)


Free workouts? We're in. (Photo courtesy of Merrell)

Written by Emily Mitamura, editorial intern

The price tag of staying fit got you down? You’re not alone. We all know that you have to get a little creative with your workout repertoire if you want to save some cash.  That being said, Merrell and Life Time Fitness have decided to make things a little easier…on our schedules and cute summer clutches.

For the very reasonable price of $0.00 (translation: free), these fitness giants are rewarding you for your commitment to staying healthy and happy outside the gym. Classes are offered at over 100 Life Time locations across the country through the end of August, with workouts focusing on using your body to get the physique you’ve always wanted. Led by Life Time Fitness’ certified personal trainers thrice-weekly, you and your friends can kick your summer exercise routines back into high gear without paying a dime (have we mentioned that already?). To find participating locations near you and register for a class, visit their website. It’s time to lace up your sneaks, dab on some sunscreen and have sweaty fun in the sun.

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