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Stay Cool Like Reggie Bush (His Secrets to Summer Fitness!)

Oh, you know, just chilling with Reggie! Although he sported the Mesh Towel for the photograph, the pro swears by the Hoodie come game day.

Summer workouts are heating up and thanks to MISSION’s Enduracool products, cooling off is a snap—literally. Powered by Coolcore™, the patented technology is activated by moisture, perspiration and quick, whip movement to create an invigorating sensation so you can beat the heat during your workout, not throw in the towel. We put their Instant Cooling Arm Sleeves to the test recently with Detroit Lions running back (and recent daddy) Reggie Bush. Let’s just say burpees weren’t so bad with Reggie leading the pack! The fluorescent sleeves were refreshing from wrist to upper bicep. Bonus: they protect your skin from the sun's harmful rays if you're taking your workout outdoors. Can't beat that, runners! Here’s what we learned about the 2005 Heisman hunk after our mixed martial arts sesh—his fave off-the-field routine. And guess what? Reggie’s favorite body part on his bride-to-be is not what you’d think.

Favorite pump-up workout song before a big game?
“I Can Feel It,” Phil Collins.

Personal mantra to get you through a tough workout?
Hard work pays off.

Your pre-workout snack?
I usually workout in the morning, so usually something breakfast-y. Either fruit, bacon and eggs, cereal, something like that.

Your favorite female body part?
Wow, um…I mean, I’m going to think about, obviously, my fiancé. My favorite body part on her are her lips.

How do you keep in tip-top shape, besides football?
I like switching it up. I love doing fighting workouts. Training can get boring. It can get repetitive, so I think it’s cool to switch it up, to do a different type of sport, a different element. For one, you get to learn how to fight, you get to learn to defend yourself; it gives you an appreciation for what fighters and boxers go through. It keeps your mind, I think, interested in working out. You’re doing things you like to do and never realizing you’re getting a hard workout in, so you’re enjoying it. You should enjoy the workout. Obviously, the burn hurts, that part doesn’t feel good!

To get your hands on MISSION Athletecare's cooling products for your next workout pop into a Dick's Sporting Goods or Hibbett Sporting Goods near you.