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"Age of Champions" Documentary Proves You're Never Too Old to Be Fit

Prepare yourself for a major dose of inspiration. (Photo courtesy of Documentary Foundation)


Written by Chloe Metzger, editorial intern

If you’ve ever felt that you’re too out of shape for a certain sport, too frail, too uncoordinated, or too any-other-excuse-you-can-think-of, it’s time to meet Roger Gentilhomme. Not only is Gentilhomme an avid athlete and tennis champion, he’s also—get ready for it—100-years-old. “I’m now 100 years old, I have no medication, and I look forward to the next match,” he boasts proudly (heck, we would too!). Gentilhomme’s inspirational story appears in Age of Champions, the new PBS documentary that follows five competitors as they swim, sprint, and dribble their way to the National Senior Olympics.

Among the athletes is an 86-year-old pole vaulter, 88 and 90-year-old swimmers (and brothers!), and a five-time gold medalist basketball team of grandmothers. Yes, we’re in awe, too. Each of them is driven and focused in only ways a true athlete could be, persevering through the loss of a spouse and the diagnosis of cancer, all to go for the gold. The stories are incredibly inspirational, making this film a must-see for anyone who has ever uttered the phrase, “I can’t do it.” Check your local listings to see when Age of Champions airs in your area on PBS, and be motivated to move just in time for the 2013 Senior Olympics on July 19th to August 1st. For a sneak peek, watch the trailer below; let us know what you think! [vimeo 24026838]

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