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Talking Waves and Wipe Outs with Roxy Pro Surfer Lee Ann Curren

Just another day at the office. (Photo courtesy of Roxy)


Anytime a surfer comes into the office for a meeting, I'm immediately jealous. The tan, the sun-streaked hair and the overall free-spirited attitude they all seem to encompass has me tempted to trade in my cubicle for a surfboard (except for the tiny issue of having absolutely no idea, nor the courage to learn how to surf). But though she may seem laid back, Roxy pro Lee Ann Curren is a busy lady! Between competing in the ASP Women's World Championship Tour at the Roxy Pro Biarritz this month in addition to rehearsing with her band Betty the Shark in her free time; Curren's fearless spirit is completely contagious. Below, Curren chats about her workouts, favorite places to surf and more.

Your dad is surf legend Tom Curren. Did you feel pressured to surf growing up? There really wasn't any pressure, because I loved surfing when I was younger. It was cool having my dad always there and looking after us and it was something we could share with him. I have four brothers and we all surf, so it's kind of like family bonding time.

What’s your fitness routine like? Do you change it up before a big competition? If I’m training for a competition its usually in smaller waves so I work on my tenacity in my surfing. I’ll also run stairs a lot and do shorter, sprint intervals. If I’m going on a trip where the waves are going to be bigger I do a lot of swimming and yoga. I prefer that because it makes me feel more fit and comfortable in the water.

What's your favorite part about surfing? Being in the water with friends is the best. The ocean is just a big empty space and once you get on a wave you just feel like your gliding. I love the feeling you get after surfing, too. We call it being “surfed out.” You’re really relaxed and just happy.

Do you remember the first time you had a bad wipe out? I've had a few, but luckily I was younger so I thought it was more funny than scary. I wasn't old enough to know better!

Where is your favorite place to surf? Definitely France and Tahiti.

What's one tip you would tell a beginner surfer? Make sure you are comfortable in the water. Study the ocean and talk to other surfers to learn how the currents work so you don't drift once you're out there.

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