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Music Monday: CBS Anchor Norah O'Donnell Plays "Would You Rather" + Shares Her Fave Playlist!

When asked if she would rather give up her iPhone or Twitter, O'Donnell said Twitter! Do you agree? (Photo courtesy of John Paul Fino/CBS)

As a cohost of CBS This Morning, it's safe to say Norah O'Donnell spends her fair share of time on the go. Between waking up at the crack of dawn to head to work, taking care of her kids, reporting from major news events (check out Instagram for her coverage on the tragic Oklahoma tornado) and squeezing in her own sweat sessions, we think she's a bit like superwoman. To help bring her back down to our human level, and let you get to know the woman behind the anchor's desk, we decided to play a little game. So Norah, would you rather...

Workout in the morning or at night? Afternoon. I can’t really do it in the morning because I have to be here at 4:30am and it’s hard enough getting here on time! So usually it will be sometime in the afternoon after I’ve left the office. I don’t like exercising at night because it totally revs me up and I would have trouble falling asleep.

Run or Spin? Run. I run and do P90X, but I don’t do it every day like you’re supposed to. I’ll do it like two times a week and then I try to run 2 or 3 times a week. And then my kids do swim time three times a week and while they do that I’ll work out in the gym that’s right next door.

Run a 5K or a marathon? 5K. I’ve never run a marathon before; I greatly admire people who run marathons. I mean 26.2 miles – that .2 matters! – it’s not easy. It requires incredible dedication and endurance, and I think it can be really tough on the body. For me, the shorter distances are what I favor.

Run alone or with friends/family? I like to run by myself. It’s kind of my only alone time during the day. When I leave work, I go and be with my kids or do some kind of work or social-related event. So for me, running is kind of my private time. But I do run regularly with my husband, who runs much faster than I do. So that is certainly a workout. And I have girlfriends that I run with when I'm in DC.

Strength train or take a yoga class? Strength train. I do yoga, but I haven’t found a place I like in NYC yet. I tried Bikram yoga once and really liked it.

Burpees or mountain climbers? Burpees! I really don't like mountain climbers.

Pancakes or waffles? Pancakes!

With syrup or fruit? Syrup. And butter.

Eat a burger or a salad? Burger. A Chef Geoff’s burger. My husband is Chef Geoff. He has the best burgers.

Have your kids workout with you or with your husband? They do P90X with me! In fact, my son got mad that he had to go take a bath when I was doing P90X once. He was mad that I didn’t pause it and wait for him.

Listen to music on the treadmill or watch TV? Definitely listen to music. I like listening to Top 40 stuff.

Check out Norah's favorite sweat-it-out playlist below!


Samantha Lefave

Samantha is a writer who is living, eating and sweating her way through NYC. You can find her running half-marathons like it's her job, Instagramming her favorite food and fitness finds or, let's be honest, eating peanut butter straight from the jar.

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