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Sheryl Crow Teams Up To Feed America + Chats About Her Upcoming Album

Buy a vitamin, feed a friend. (Photo courtesy of Bayer One A Day Women's)

You've heard her name for years, listened to her hit songs and likely watched her as a mentor on season 4 of The Voice. But when she's not in the public eye, Sheryl Crow is volunteering at local food banks to help the 50 million Americans trying to make ends meet. For the second year, Crow teamed up with Feeding America and One A Day's Nutrition Mission to fight hunger. We caught up with the busy star to find out how she eats healthy herself (while feeding her kids!) and how you can score a trip to NYC to hang with the music star.

You’ve teamed up again with One A Day for the Nutrition Mission. What keeps you coming back? I just think it’s such a good program and the last I heard, there are nearly 50 million people in America challenged by food insecurity. With this mission, everyone gets meals three times a day. It seems like the work is never done, and this is just a great, easy way to be a part of helping your community. You just buy a multivatimin, which many people already take, and two meals are donated with each purchase. And if you have a story about volunteering at a local food bank, you can share it at for the chance to win a grant for your area, plus a trip to NYC to come hang out with me.

So do you have any fave spots in NYC you might take the winner to then? When my kids are with me we almost always go to the Museum of Natural History. And Central Park, of course.

So how else can people get involved with the Nutrition Mission? I think that volunteering at a local food bank is always helpful and very eye-opening. It leaves its mark when you see the kinds of people that come in. It’s not necessarily just homeless people. Oftentimes it's a mom who has three or four kids, and she works but just can’t make ends meet. One of the problems that we see with food insecurity is that people don’t talk about it; they’re embarrassed. One day I went to school with my little boy, who’s in Pre-K, and we had to go do a morning program. By 9am I was like, "Where’s the snack?" These kids who are affected by food insecurity walk in and haven’t had a good morning meal and by 9 or 10 they really need something. And out of the 50 million people who are affected, 16 million are kids. It’s a problem we can all help with.

You’re touring all summer. How do you stay on track with food and fitness when traveling all the time? We try to eat local and seasonally. In the past, we've taken a cook for the entire band and crew on the road with us to make sure everyone is eating and staying healthy, which is really cool. And we’re active. When we’re on the road, every day we go to a water park or a zoo or something just to get outside. We just try to exercise and be aware of what we’re putting into our bodies.

Do you have a favorite meal you like to make - something that your kids enjoy, too? I have a three and six year old and we have a lot of miso salmon – they love it! We eat a lot of quinoa pasta and they don't know the difference. They think they’re eating noodles, but quinoa has a lot of protein. We love strawberries and blueberries with just a little bit of sugar on it. There’s a natural fruit pop we have, it's made with just the fruit, and they love those too.

What's your favorite workout? I know you ran the country music half-marathon last year (I was there!), so maybe running? We want to know how you get those killer arms! I love running. I can’t really do it like I used to do it because I’ve had some joint problems in my knee, but it is my exercise of choice. Running and swimming. If it’s warm, my kids and I are almost always in the pool.

Can we expect you in any other races? Maybe another half-marathon? Maybe! The training takes up a lot of time and I don’t want to waste any moments that I can spend with my kids, so sometimes it’s hard.

We’re loving your new single, “Easy.” Can you tell us what else we can expect from the new album? It’s coming out September 10th. It’s going to country radio, so not too far off the mark of what "Easy" is. It’s very Sheryl Crow, except the lyrics are more succinct than they used to be. I hope people will like it. I feel like it’s the best album that I’ve made. I loved working on this record and writing with some natural song writers.




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