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Plug Into an Audiobook to Revamp Your Workouts

Take a book on the run - multitasking at its finest! (Photo courtesy of Macmillan Audio)

Written by Carrie Stevens, editorial intern

Looking to re-energize your sweat sessions this spring? Instead of automatically blasting our favorite tunes, we’re listening to—wait for it—audiobooks. Macmillan Audio launched its “Listen While You Work Out” campaign, aimed to help people get in shape while listening to audiobooks. We plugged into Barbara Taylor Bradford’s Secrets From The Past, and were pretty impressed with how engaged in the story we became while still busting out a quality workout.

Here’s the rundown: lead character Serena Stone is a 30-year-old American photojournalist who’s covered wars in the Middle East. After her famous photojournalist father dies unexpectedly, Stone starts working on his biography. At the same time, a former flame returns after serving on the front lines overseas as a photojournalist, and he suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). While helping with his recovery, Stone stumbles upon a secret that sparks a series of events that can change everything she thought she knew about her own family. Thanks to great narration, compelling characters and intriguing plot lines, Secrets From The Past made our workouts pass in a flash.

Try it for yourself—you may sweat a bit longer just to find out what happens! In fact, one of our Fit Bloggers We Love, Meghann Anderson of Meals and Miles, is a big fan of playing books on the run. “You can only listen to the same song over and over again before you start to hate your iPod,” she says. "Lately I've been seriously obsessed with audiobooks; I just finished Stephanie Meyers' The Host. It's easy to get lost in a good story and the miles fly by." For a wide variety of audiobooks, check out the Macmillan Audio website, or There are more than 100,000 downloadable books to choose from, and Audible allows you to switch between listening and reading without losing your spot. Decide you don’t like your first pick? No sweat—swap it for another at no extra cost. Happy reading!

Now you tell us: If you could have any book on audio, what would it be?