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A KIND Way to Start Your Week

Make someone's day with a surprise supermarket letter. (Photo courtesy of KIND)

In light of recent events, we can't think of a better time for this new KIND initiative to kick off. Starting today, KIND is launching its #kindwords Letter Writing Week, anonymously delivering thoughtful words of kindness into the nooks and crannies of cities everywhere in need of a little pick-me-up. Here's the run-down:

Step 1: Host a letter writing party with your friends. Follow @KINDSnacks and @MoreLoveLetters for tips and tricks on how to write your anonymous letters of inspiration. And if you tweet a picture of your party with the hashtag #kindwords, you could be selected to win a case of KIND bars. Sweet!

Step 2: On April 27-28 deliver your letters in places around your community that could use some inspiration. Leave them in a flowerpot, taped to the wall of your work elevator, wherever! Snap a pic using #kindwords and share it on Twitter and Instagram to show where your kindness is going.

Step 3: Check in with your letter by following @KINDSnacks and @MoreLoveLetters to see the lucky recipients of your letters.

It's that simple! To get more information and to download your letter writing kit visit the KIND Facebook page. After all, couldn't we all use a little note of encouragement once and awhile? Happy writing!