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Help Kids Stay Injury-Free by Snapping a Photo

How tennis pro Sloane Stephens is helping kids stay in shape.

As you've seen from watching major sporting events (or if you're like me and my physical therapist, on a personal level) sports injuries can range from mildly annoying to career-stopping, which is why we're big on proper warm-ups, stretching and listening to your body. This April is National Youth Sports Safety Month and tennis pro Sloane Stephens has teamed up with Johnson & Johnson to promote the new Donate a Photo app and the organization Safe Kids Worldwide. With the free Donate a Photo app, all you have to do is share a photo and J&J will donate $1 to the charity of your choice.

Like any athlete, Stephens stresses the importance of staying injury-free, which is why she chose  to work with Safe Kids Worldwide. The organization helps teach kids, and their parents and coaches, how to protect against sports injuries at Safe Kids Sports Clinics. "Staying injury free is important to me and I want to help kids know what to do and stay preventative," she said. The pro swears by proper warm-ups before training and icing after workouts to stay in top shape.

All you need to do is download the free app on your iPhone or Android, upload a photo (you can share up to one a day, every day) and a donation will be made. You can also view other shared photos at the Donate a Photo gallery and learn more about the campaign here.


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