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Dancing with the Stars Week 5: Dancing Through Tragedy Together

Don't move...seriously!

Written by Karina Smirnoff

I want to start this blog by sending my prayers to all the innocent people directly affected by the senseless violence in Boston. My condolences to the families who lost loved ones. It is devastating to hear the stories and see the pictures. Through all the horrific stories I found inspiration in several others and was reminded of how strong the human spirit is. Martin Richard's message of spreading love and not hate or violence is one I will continue to be inspired by.

Going into Monday's show on the heels of such an unfathomable situation was extremely hard. I'm thankful ABC and DWTS decided to move forward with the episode, as all of the dancers and celebrity partners wanted to dedicate the night to each and every one of you. We are extremely blessed to do what we love and hopefully by putting our passion to work, we were able to transmit that love into your homes.

Given that Jacoby and I had the Jive we needed to channel that inspiration and positivity into our performance. We had such a great week of preparation that I knew he was going to deliver. However, he never ceases to amaze me! His musicality, timing, strength, charm and commitment are incredible. When he said he was going to jump over my head without touching me, I thought he was nuts! After he did it, I was shocked. When he did it over and over I was convinced that what I was starting to realize was true - the sky is truly the limit for Jacoby Jones!

This week we had the side-by-side performance and it was great having Maks and Anna to work with us. We all had a lot of fun in rehearsals and sweat A TON! Going into the week I wasn't sure what to expect with this new format but once we got started, I knew we had something special. It was nice to be validated by getting the encore on Tuesday night too!

The Jive is an extremely endurance driven dance, so this week we all focused on eating more calories and drinking more water. I kept lots of little snacks on hand and have found that a handful of walnuts or almonds is often a great way to get that energy boost mid-rehearsal. Not only did we have the Jive but it was an extra 30 seconds longer than usual! We definitely got our cardio in for the week if not the month. Try jiving for a couple minutes at home; you won't believe what a workout it is!

Thank you again for your continued support. It is times like these that give us perspective on what's truly important and how important it is to live in gratitude. We are always encouraged by your kind thoughts and words and want you to know we do this for you.

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