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Sean Lowe's Post-Bachelor Fitness Challenge

Sean Lowe At Warrior Dash (Getty Images, Courtesy of Warrior Dash )

With his search for true love officially--and successfully--over, The Bachelor's Sean Lowe is ready to take on different challenges. Not only is the former football player putting on his dancing shoes every Monday and Tuesday on Dancing With the Stars, he also put on his running shoes last Saturday for the Warrior Dash, the world's largest obstacle race series. We chatted with the busy ex-Bachelor last week about getting ready for the race and his DWTS training.

Do you feel ready for the race?
I hope I’m ready. I’ve been keeping up my cardio with dancing, so hopefully that helps.

How long have you been running?
I’m actually not a runner, I’ve never run before in my life. Usually I do the stairclimber or elliptical at the gym. Right now a 5k is the most I can go. A couple of years ago I heard about Warrior Dash and that it's an amazing race so I signed up with friends and had a blast. People dress up and have fun. We had the time of our lives. Afterwards you can eat, listen to music and hang out with your fellow competitors. I told myself I’d do it every year. I wasn’t able to do it last year because of filming The Bachelorette so I’m happy to be able do it this year.

How do you train for an obstacle race like this?
I don’t know if you can train for it, that’s the cool aspect. I think we had to jump over cars last time, which is something you can’t really train for. I’m just hoping I've built up enough endurance.

Sean Lowe getting down and dirty. (Getty Images, Courtesy of Warrior Dash)

When you’re not training for a race like this, what’s your typical fitness routine like?
I go to the gym 5 days a week, hitting a different body part each day. I typically do cardio for 30 minutes and hit the weights for 45 minutes.

You’re a pretty fit guy already, but Dancing With the Stars is a whole 'nother challenge. How is training for DWTS going?
It’s challenging but I feel like I’m in extremely good shape now from all the cardio. But I haven’t been doing as much weights as I usually do. We have about 6-8 hours of rehearsal a day. I have fun performing and feel comfortable . The Cha-Cha was really fun and high-energy. Next is the Viennese waltz which is slower. I’m excited to do something different. I love the challenge of learning a new routine. The tougher the better.

What made you decide to do DWTS?
I like challenges. Dancing for me is a challenge and it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity so I wanted to jump on it.

You’re definitely keeping busy after The Bachelor. How do you manage to keep fitness in a hectic schedule?
For me, fitness has always been a fun thing to do. I enjoy going to the gym. I have a workout partner that I go to the gym with. I look forward to it. I usually go after work and never regret going.

What’s next for you after the race and DWTS, besides wedding planning?
I don’t know what’s next. I learned that I can't map my life out because things will change, but I'm excited.


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