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Dancing with the Stars Week 4: The Dance That Works Your Core

Fielding questions from the press about our performance!

Think dancing's not a workout? Think again. This week, celebrity guest blogger Karina Smirnoff talks about the added perks of the Fox Trot, and pushing past mental blocks.

Written by Karina Smirnoff

After last week's sexy, emotionally charged Rumba I was eager to tackle the Fox Trot. We had a really special theme, which was "My Most Memorable Year" and Jacoby's couldn't have been more incredible! As most of you now know, Jacoby has a beautiful baby boy, Jacoby Jones Jr. and despite winning the Super Bowl, he was the obvious highlight of 2012.

The song we danced to was Rodney Atkins "Watching You", which is extremely sentimental for JJ. Never knowing his own father, he has vowed to do all the things he never got to experience with his own dad. It was so fun to watch Jacoby with his son! He's so sweet and gentle yet can make his little boy laugh with ease. It was great to spend time with them and really helped to inspire this week’s dance.

At the beginning of the week, Jacoby was really struggling with the Fox Trot. It wasn't so much that he couldn't get the steps but he wasn't feeling it emotionally. I kept telling him that this week  wasn't about the style of dance but rather the story of him and his son. A couple days into rehearsing, he showed up with the frame, the footwork, the emotion and a whole new attitude on the dance. It was amazing to see Jacoby's ability to yet again focus and find that deeper connection to the dance. I was impressed and must admit a bit relieved.

The best news is that our performance last night was the best we have danced it from start to finish! What a great feeling knowing that all our hard work paid off! And the judges are right, Jacoby is a contender. If he continues to focus, commit and keep up the work ethic, I believe the sky is the limit.

I always love doing Fox Trot from a physical perspective because it is great for your core. Good posture comes from a tight middle, so although we don't do much exercise outside of dancing; this week we got some great-added benefits from our repetitions of running the dance. My arms and abs definitely feel that they got some work in!

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