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Dancing with the Stars Week 3: Will Jacoby Be Crowned Prom King?

That's some serious air!

Jacoby Jones admitted getting kicked out of his actual high school prom last night on Dancing with the Stars, and hopefully he won't get kicked out of a second one tonight! Read on as Karina Smirnoff gives us the scoop on how they prepared for their dance and how the team is doing so far.

Written by Karina Smirnoff

What a week it has been! Unlike previous weeks Jacoby and I stayed in LA, which I think was beneficial since he had to learn both the rumba and the group dance. I was so excited to have rumba and knew that Jacoby would be able to pull off the moves; however I was really impressed by his depth of character and his gracefulness. On our first day of rehearsal for the week, I couldn't believe how well he picked up the movement. We worked hard on the fluidity and rhythm of our hips and on his extensions. We were also really looking forward to going to the DWTS Prom and couldn't wait to share our work with all of you! It's funny, normally I get really nervous before I perform and last night I was extremely calm. I think it's because I trusted that Jacoby would be there to catch me, turn me and move with me. It was certainly a special moment for us.

On top of how well Jacoby danced, I was honored to be able to pay tribute to his high school destroyed by Hurricane Katrina and to all the victims of these tragic natural disasters. I always say that when you dance for something bigger than yourself the connection the audience feels is that much greater. It is definitely a dance I will never forget and we hope it touched all of you.

This week was busy yet a lot of fun at the same time. I made sure to eat really healthy yet Jacoby did talk me into eating a giant cheeseburger for dinner one night. I know, I couldn't believe it either! I don't normally eat meat, most of the time I have wild fish or organic free-range chicken, so a cheeseburger was quite the stretch! Other than that little "splurge", I ate a lot of steamed veggies, salads and tried to drink a lot of liquids. Aside from water, I love Silk Pure Almond Unsweetened Milk. I try not to have much dairy for digestive reasons, so almond milk has become my alternative. It tastes so good on cereal too!

Coming up we have the Foxtrot and the theme is "The Most Memorable Year of My Life". I know we would all assume for a Super Bowl Champ that would be winning that giant trophy but I think you will all be surprised to learn about the biggest blessing in Jacoby's life. The song we are dancing to means a lot to him and I'm honored to choreograph this piece inspired by his very special year!

Someone mentioned to me last night that they haven't seen me stop smiling all season and to be honest it's true. I'm incredibly thankful for the friendship and partnership that Jacoby and I are building. And of course grateful to each one of you for voting and supporting! My fingers are crossed that all of you helped to name JJ DWTS Prom King! See you tonight and don’t forget to follow me on twitter @Karina_Smirnoff and on my Facebook Fan Page.