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Miranda Lambert Dishes on "The Voice" and Her Animal-Loving Activism

Lambert snuggles up to a rescue pup - she and hubby Blake Shelton have rescued six themselves! (Photo courtesy of Charley Galley Associated Press)

While we love watching country crooner Blake Shelton on The Voice, it's his spitfire wife, Miranda Lambert, that we are dying to know better. A well-known animal activist, she made our hearts swell as we learned about her involvement with Pedigree's Pet Feeding Project, which provides dog food to animal shelters across the country at no cost. With Nashville and Chicago already being served, Pedigree turned to their Facebook fans to help determine which city would be next. People all over the U.S. nominated hometowns, and then voted, to select the top five finalists:

  • Metro Detroit/Metro Flint, Michigan
  • Erie, Pennsylvania
  • Jackson, Mississippi
  • Jacksonville, Florida
  • Wausau, Wisconsin

Now it's your turn to vote again, until April 12th, to help Pedigree narrow it down to the two winning cities, which will be announced in mid-2013. While we wait, we talked to Lambert about her soon-to-be-released sophomore album with band Pistol Annies, why she thinks this cause is so important and what it's like to have her hubby swirlin' around in a big red chair every week.

I hear you have a new album coming out with Pistol Annies?

Yep! I'm very excited about that. In the video for "Taking Pills" [from first album Hell on Heels], two of my rescue muts have cameos throughout the song. They're like mini Annies, too.

Editor's note: Their new album, Annie Up, hits shelves May 7!

What about a personal album? Can we expect one anytime soon?

Hopefully I'll have one out in early 2014.

Your other half, Blake Shelton, is a judge again on The Voice. What is that experience like? Do you get to go to the set a lot and hang out?

I go to the set on the live shows. The reality stuff and the auditions are long, long days and frankly, it's boring for me to just sit there and wait for them to get done. But I love the live shows; the energy of it.  The Voice is very family-friendly. You see all of the judges and Carson [Daly]'s kids running around - families, moms, wives, husbands. Everyone who works there is so nice. So it's really welcoming, and I love to go there because they make you feel really at home.

Do you think you would be a guest mentor again?

I would love to be a mentor. The first year I performed with Dia [Frampton], and then the second year I was a mentor. I just watched as a fan the third season, and it was really fun to do that, so maybe it will be time for me to do something again. I tapped Blake on the shoulder and was like, "I know people...can I get back on The Voice somehow?" We'll see.

You were on another singing reality show, Nashville Star, 10 years ago. How do you think that impacted your career?

I think I could've been discovered, and I think it would've taken a really long time. I definitely credit Nashville Star for being where I am today. It was a cool experience; a learning experience. I always say it was like my college. I played at bars for two and a half years, and thankfully Nashville Star came along and I got to move up to the next level. I'm still thankful for that. These days, it kind of seems like the popular way to go. It definitely pushed my career into gear.

What do you think you would do if you weren't a singer?

If I wasn't an artist, I'd definitely work with animals in some fashion. I love antiques and stuff, so I'd probably be floating around, painting stuff pink and loving on dogs and hoping to get paid for it.

I know you're a huge animal lover, so tell us more about your involvement with the Pedigree Feeding Project.

I just feel like it was a perfect match. I have a foundation too, MuttNation, and I feel like Pedigree has that big, bold brand that everyone knows, and I want to be attached to that - something that everyone knows as a great product. Now that I've read all the statistics and stuff they're giving animal shelters - like food at no cost - it's amazing. I feed six dogs at home; I know how much that food costs! It's very expensive, so I just think this initiative is great. People don't realize how the nutrition of the dogs and cats affects the way people view the pet.

And all of your pets are rescued, right?

Oh, yes.

Didn't your Dad recently rescue one, too?

Yes! A little Doxie he found in the woods. My mom and dad are suckers like me and they were like, "We'll find it a home." and they did - it's their house.

You have such a busy schedule and obviously travel a lot when touring. How does being on the road affect your workout routine?

I'm actually in way better shape when I'm on the road! I have a trainer, and I'm on stage every night so it's like a double workout 3-4 days a week. When I'm home, it's harder to get myself motivated to do an actual workout. I'm constantly active, but I'm not necessarily in the mood to go running, you know what I mean? But Blake and I love to go walking on the land. We don't just sit on the couch all day and watch TV.


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