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Dancing with the Stars Week 2: Jazz Hands with a Side of Harlem Shake

Dance practice or getting out some aggression?

This week on Dancing with the Stars the contestants stepped up their fancy feet to perform a jazz routine. Below, our guest blogger and dancing pro Karina Smirnoff dishes on the week of training leading up to last night's performances, plus a hilarious Harlem Shake video you need to watch to bust your midday slump.

Written by Karina Smirnoff

There is never a dull moment with Jacoby Jones! This week we traveled to Houston, TX to train. It's been really cool to experience the various places around the country that mean so much to him. I love learning more about where he's come from and what he's gone through, it all helps when putting together the vision for each of the dances.

This week, we had Jazz, which is one of the new styles DWTS has added this season. I was really excited about incorporating the roots of jazz into this piece. However, I also realized that this week we needed to put more time into rehearsals, since Jacoby's recovery from knee surgery had kept us back a bit leading up to the premiere. Jacoby and I are both competitors and want to improve from week to week. We also wanted the judges to see us improve in areas they had previously critiqued.

For our jazz routine, I wanted to include a lot of character, some exciting lifts, high-energy kicks and of course jazz hands! While in Houston we got a group of little girls from a jazz troupe to help Jacoby with his hands and feet, which was HILARIOUS! I think JJ realized that I'm not as tough as he thought I was because these cute girls were cracking the whip! To top off the day, we did a little Harlem Shake with the troupe, which was a blast! It has become our "thing" to do in each city. You can view the latest one here.

With all of our rehearsing and traveling I've been extra focused on eating healthy, staying hydrated and getting lots of vitamins! I take my supplement Karina's Ketone which gives me all natural energy  and tons of other benefits when we are working crazy hours. Traveling takes its toll on your body, so I try to eat regularly and mindfully, but come dinnertime that is not always easy!  For dinners on the road I try to stick to grilled or steamed fish or poultry and steamed spinach.  And dessert is a must, always! I can't end a day without something sweet and delicious. Even if it's just a few bites I think it's a simple pleasure that we all should enjoy. During this trip to Houston I had a ridiculous molten lava cake - it was so rich that after a few bites I was more than satisfied.

This week on the road was a lot of fun yet it was also intense. We both want to earn your support from week to week and are focused on being at our personal best. That can be a lot of pressure, especially when we more than anything want to entertain you and make you proud. I really pushed Jacoby and I think it paid off because he was great! He did everything I asked of him and more. I'm really starting to see that we are just scratching the surface on his natural talent. I'm excited to keep pushing him and growing together as a team. It is refreshing to work with such a hard working yet funny and enjoyable person. Even when we are both exhausted and drained we lift each other up and support one another. Thank you for supporting us! Follow me on twitter @Karina_Smirnoff for more pictures and videos from our journey!

See you next week!