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Harley Pasternak on Losing Weight Fast (As in This Week)

When looking for a blender, keep in mind Harley's top tip: Make sure it can crush ice.

Megan Fox. Jennifer Hudson. Amanda Seyfried. Katy Perry. Those are just a few of the celebs trainer Harley Pasternak has whipped into A-list shape. Here at FITNESS, we’ve been getting a lot of Harley time lately (lucky us!). Not only is he the newest member of our advisory board, he recently treated us to an exclusive staff workout to talk about his latest collaboration with New Balance with the New Balance 5 Factor997 for cross-training and his latest book The Body Reset Diet, which helps you lose weight fast (we’re talking five days fast) in a healthy, non-cleansing or detoxing way. See what Harley had to say about his new program below (spoiler–it involves quitting the gym!) and find out why if you don’t already have one, you should go get yourself a blender ASAP!

What prompted you to create this new plan for The Body Reset Diet?

I finally understood the sense of urgency women have in wanting to see a difference in the way they look and feel. They don’t want it to take weeks, they want to see a change this week. It made me realize that I need to offer them a healthy option to quickly drop weight and transform their body. I wanted to talk them out of doing cleanses and using diuretics and show them that there is a healthy way you can lose weight and feel great.

In the book, you map out a three-phase plan to slim down that incorporates smoothies in each phase. What are some common myths you’ve heard in the past from your clients about smoothies?

People definitely don’t know the difference between blending and juicing. They think blending is for body builders and they are all just forms of protein shakes packed with calories that bulk you up. But that’s wrong. Believe it or not, a fresh cold pressed apple juice can have twice the calories of an entire blended meal and four times the sugar!

FITNESS staffers get in a very sweaty circuit workout with Harley Pasternak and New Balance.

When it comes to making a smoothie, is there a right way to do it?

Start off with your liquid base first, like water, almond milk or skim milk. Then progress from the softer ingredients like fruit or avocado and build up to the harder ones such as nuts or frozen fruit.

Your plan says you should be eating five times a day. In your opinion, is it better to eat on a schedule even if you’re not hungry?

Yes, you never want to eat when you’re hungry, you want to eat because it is time to eat. When you’re hungry you have less control over how much you eat and what. Eat proactively and you’ll find you make smarter decisions and eat less.

This exercise component of this plan is a very different approach–you say we should only be working out five minutes a day! Will that really work?

Yes! We are major over exercisers. When you do intense cardio it increases your appetite and causes inflammation. But if you are active throughout the day you will lose more weight in the long run, there have been studies done that actually prove this. In Phase 1 of my plan I tell you to stop working out, get a pedometer and make sure you are walking 10,000 steps a day. That sounds like a lot, but it’s really not. Phases 2 and 3 then incorporate a 5-minute resistance circuit you can do at home on alternating days, along with your 10,000 steps that you are logging. That’s all you need to do!

What are some portion control tips for when someone has finished the five-day plan and is out at a party or restaurant?

First, make sure to never go anywhere hungry. You also need to understand the calorie value of different foods, and which ones have high volume and lower calories and are nutrient dense (like your fruits and veggies). Always start with a lean protein on your plate and then build around that.

 Harley Pasternak's The Body Reset Diet is available today! Go to to pick up your copy.