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Josh Holland Talks TechnoGym: One System, 200+ Moves

Check out Josh's perfect chest press form! (Photo courtesy of Bryan Bedder/Getty Images North America)

Josh Holland is all about educating his clientele on leading a fit, healthy and nutritious lifestyle. His mantra? “Knowledge is POWER.” As a former professional overseas basketball player, third degree black belt and London 2012 Accredited Olympic Trainer, this guy certainly knows what he’s talking about. Oh, and he has been working with Madonna since 2009. No big deal! That’s why when we heard that he was working with TechnoGym’s new Kinesis One training system, we couldn't resist getting in on the action. Here are three things you should know about the Kinesis station before trying one out at a gym near you:

  1. The design is one of a kind. “Compared to other cable systems, Kinesis is easier to use, quicker to set up, more compact, extremely versatile, beautiful and available in various finishes,” said Josh. Thanks to Technogym’s FullGravity technology, users can simply vary the resistance and angle of the pulley movement for a full range of motion. Translation? Ultimate results.
  2. Kinesis improves balance, core, coordination and muscle strength. “When working out on Kinesis you will have to stabilize your body, whether you are standing or sitting, in order to perform any exercise.” Hint: the farther away, the greater the resistance. Unlike your typical cable machine, the smooth, natural feel of these cable cords make your workout jerk-free!
  3. Zero-impact means natural but effective movement. “I love the versatility and limitless possibilities of exercise programs that can be performed on the Kinesis,” said Josh. “It’s perfect for circuit training, supersets and quick exercise transitions.” Kill two muscles with one move by adding a squat to an overhead press (hop on a Bosu for an extra balancing bang!) or lunge post-bicep curl. For resistance workout-spiration, check out our Refine-inspired Sculpt Sexy Arms Express from our February issue.

Now Tell Us: Are you a resistance training fan? Would you give Kinesis One a go?