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Fit or Flop Host Challenged Herself To Survive Competition

Watch out, Season 26 competitors! Andrea is in it to win it. (Photo courtesy of Lev Gorn)


At first glance, you wouldn’t consider Andrea Boehlke to be a threat. The blue-eyed, blonde bombshell may look like she belongs on the red carpet, but don’t mess—she’s a true competitor ready to rough it up in the wilderness. Andrea, a Wisconsin native-turned New Yorker, recently made her Survivor return in CBS’s Caramoan: Fan vs. Favorites season and this time she plans to come out on top.

How, you ask? As the thirteenth castaway in Redemption Island, the Fit or Flop host relied on her past experience because like Destiny's Child once sang, she wasn't going to give up or stop, but work harder to be declared this year's "Sole Survivor." We caught up with Andrea after lunging alongside her at Brett Hoebel’s recent 20-Minute Body workout to find out how she prepped for the twenty-sixth season and changed fitness things up a bit after some Fit or Flop-spiration.

First Survivor, now Fit or Flop and Fans vs. Favorites. You seem to be pretty competitive! Have you always been a workout junkie? What's your fitness fave? Yes, I grew up playing sports and doing tons of outdoors activities. In high school I played on the varsity basketball team all four years and was competitive in volleyball and track. My absolute favorite way to exercise is sand volleyball, but unfortunately I don’t get to do a ton of that in New York City. I really love yoga, straight up running and trying out new workout classes around the city. When I’m in Wisconsin, I branch out more—with cross-country skiing, riding horses bareback (it’s a really great inner thigh work out!), biking and hiking.

How did you shape up for Survivor? For Survivor, I just turned my normal workout routine up a few notches. I also tried to mentally push myself beyond what I would normally do. I would actually imagine that each workout or run was a Survivor challenge and if I gave up before that last mile I would be voted out that night. Yes, I realize this sounds incredibly corny, but it actually worked! Also, about a month before leaving for the Philippines, I went home and trained in Wisconsin with my aunt, Trina Van Horn, who is a personal trainer in Random Lake. My grandpa owns a gravel pit and she had me sprinting up these huge piles of gravel. I really despised her at the time for it, but that was the best workout of my life to date.

You’re so busy being a model, actress, host and writer—what’s your secret to fitting it all in while leading a healthy lifestyle!? I don’t think I’ve found “the secret” yet, but when I do, I will let you know! I function best when I’m busy and slightly stressed so even though yes, I’m pretty busy right now, I want to be way busier. I want to be so busy that I don’t even have time to tweet. However, I always try to make time for exercising. I often have my nights off or breaks during the day so I’ll fit in an hour or two or, if I’m lucky, I’ll catch a candlelight yoga class in St. Marks Place. I try to get a run in 4-5 times a week and ideally I get a workout in every day. If you want to work out, you'll find a way.

How did Fit or Flop inspire your personal fit routine? Any new workout on your to-do list now? Hosting Fit or Flop inspired me tremendously! The stories that some of these trainers have are incredible and completely motivating. I really want to take one of Trish Van Buren’s HipHotic classes—they look like a blast and maybe someday I will be able to move my booty like that! Also, I’ve taken two of judge Brett Hoebel’s capoeira classes. His classes are super intense and prove that he is a judge that knows his stuff. I would love to work out with the Brooklyn Badasses in the park, as well, because they look like they are having a blast and a half.

Ok, spill: Which trainer are you rooting for? I’m definitely obsessed with Jason Wimberlean; he’s just a beautiful human being and writes a very inspirational fitness blog. I’m also a big fan of Jen Borman of the Rock Hard Girls Club and would love to have her has a trainer. She is this cool mix of sweet and tough and I like that the classes are catered for women specifically. Who else? There’s so many. Well, the Brooklyn Badasses pretty much speak for themselves. Hit Richards from the Calisthenics Kingz was pretty motivating, too. I’m sure I’ll have many more favorites as the season goes on!

Just for fun—dream host job: If you could host anything on TV, which show would it be? I want to host a travel show. I want to travel the world and explore other cultures and inspire Americans to travel and see the world. I actually have a few ideas of my own for shows so hopefully someday I will see those dreams come true. Besides that, I would love to continue hosting shows similar to Fit or Flop: shows that inspire and motivate people. I think Fit or Flop is such a great concept and am really grateful for this opportunity. Keep up with Andrea Wednesday nights at 8/7C on CBS and