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Find Your Archetype, Reach Your Goal

Picking a gym buddy is not an act of randomness. Chances are, your archetypes are drawn to each other! (Photo courtesy James Michelfelder and Therese Sommerseth)

Want to know what makes you tick? Just find your archetype and the rest will follow. It may sound like the name of a fancy artifact (or something out of Legends of the Hidden Temple–remember that TV gem?) but really, an archetype is your personality and behavior type. That's what Caroline Myss describes in her new book, Archetypes: Who Are You? by establishing what kind of person you are–for example a Visionary, Caregiver, or my personal favorite, Queen. Myss will help you recognize your hidden strengths, potential weaknesses and help you get an all around understanding of you.

And for those of us who are sick of perusing the Internet to read a bunch of stuff that frankly, just doesn't interest us, visit to take a personality quiz and set up a profile on the site that will deliver content you actually care about. I took a stab at the quiz and discovered I am made up of 30 percent Athlete, 28 percent Fashionista, 23 percent Caregiver and 19 percent Other (I'm going to assume by "Other" they mean "Queen"). My page is full of health content, New York Fashion Week news and DIY at-home spa recipes–score! In addition to your site, which is updated daily, you can create a "Me" board, with anything you think is a representation of your archetype, or the archetype you strive to be. And for all of you resolution droppers, figuring out exactly how you tick might just be the thing that helps you pick up your healthy habits again for good.

Pick up Archetypes: Who Are You? for $15.61 on (or download it to your Amazon Kindle for $11.99!). To take a personality quiz and start getting personalized content toward your archetype, visit

Now Tell Us: What kind of archetype do you consider yourself?