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Run to Fight Tumors...In Your Underwear!

Undie runs...a chance to get to know the gal or guy running next to you real quick. (Photo courtesy of Daniel Pagel)

Sometimes, heading out for a typical run can be, well, boring. When you're doing the same thing day in and day out, a punch of excitement helps spice things up. And we say there's no better way to heat up a race than to strip down to your skivvies! Bear with us, we swear it's a good idea. If streaking 1.5 miles down the street in your underwear sounds a smidge too extreme for you, maybe the fact that this run helps fight tumors will convince you. Cupid's Undie Run, the world's largest organized underwear run, takes place every year to raise funds for The Children's Tumor Foundation and Neurofibromatosis. Never heard of neurofibromatosis? It's a genetic disorder that disrupts cell growth in the nervous system and can lead to deafness, blindness, learning disabilities and chronic pain, according to Mayo Clinic. Most who have the disorder are diagnosed at a young age, but unfortunately there's still no cure. If that still isn't enough to persuade you, maybe the starry-eyed love theme will push you to click "register" on that computer screen. After all, it isn't called Cupid's Undie Run for no reason - celebrate Valentine's Day a few days early, and bring a loved one in on the fun. Single but ready to mingle? We think this could be the perfect fun run -  you never know what tumor-fighting hunk you might find there! Ready to sign up (we are!)? Find a location near you here. And if there isn't one near you and you still want to strip down and run, we recommend checking out the Santa Speedo Run or Undie Dash later this year!

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Samantha Lefave

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