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Brooke Burke-Charvet's Flu-Fighting Tips and Recovering from Thyroid Cancer Surgery

Brooke Burke-Charvet surprises a an LA resident with a hand delivered Kleenex brand Care Pack during what is considered the worst cold and flu season in recent years. (Photo courtesy Michael Simon)

Feeling a little stuffy lately? You're not alone. Cold and flu season is hitting hard this year. "I have a household full of sick children!" past cover girl Brooke Burke-Charvet told us today, as we chatted with her about her partnership with Kleenex's Softness Worth Sharing initiative. As part of the campaign, she surprised one very lucky guy with a care package full of hand sanitizer, a blanket, Kleenex tissues and lip balm to wish them a speedy recovery (select cities can nominate someone they know at the Kleenex Facebook page to receive a similar care package). We chatted with the Dancing with the Stars host chatted on how she stays healthy in a house full of sniffles and coughing, plus how she's doing post thyroid surgery.

What made you want to get involved with this Kleenex campaign?

As a mom, I have Kleenex tissues all over the place. Those little packs are in my car, the kids’ backpacks, everywhere. It's really important to use great products when you're feeling under the weather. As for this initiative, I love the sentiment of it. It's just so thoughtful and sweet, and would really make anyone feel better faster.

How are you protecting yourself and your family this cold and flu season?

Lots of hand washing and sanitizing, that's really my biggest thing. I make sure the kids are drinking lots of fluids and sneezing into their arms instead of on someone else. It's tough because colds are everywhere in school, so washing their hands is really crucial.

Do you switch up your workouts in the winter? What about your diet?

Not really–I just released my third and fourth titles of my workout DVDs, so I'm constantly developing new routines to help women change their shape and making my friends and family experiment with me as testers. As for my diet, I make soup all year round but I really crank it up this time of year. I love making homemade lentil or chicken noodle soup. I'll also boil ginger when the family is sick.

You recently shared your scare with thyroid cancer and since then have gotten your thyroid removed. How are you feeling and how was the recovery from surgery?

It was a lot easier than I thought it would be. I'm very lucky that I had a successful surgery and that they got everything out. I took a month off just to be responsible but now I'm back to work and exercising and I'm feeling very healthy!