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Jackie Warner Shares Resolution Success Secrets & Which Celeb She Wants To Train!

Warner made us sweat, while Wisk helped us clean it up! (Photo courtesy of MarkVon Holden/AP Images for Wisk)


One of the perks of working at FITNESS is getting the opportunity to workout with celebrity trainers. So when we heard Jackie Warner had partnered with Wisk and wanted to personally hand us a sweat-dripping, butt-kicking workout, we just couldn't say no. After 30 minutes of nonstop circuits that left our thighs burning and core shaking, we took a breather to get the inside scoop from the star.

First of all, what a great workout! And we didn't use any weights.  If you only had 10 minutes and no equipment, what would be your quick routine? I love to do a yard workout, something outside. I would tell you to sprint 50 paces, jump down and do sprawls. Here's how you do it:

  • Start in a standing position. Lower your hands to the ground and quickly jump back into push-up position.
  • Shift your hips to the ground, then return to pushup position.
  • Jump back to standing position.

So that's a sprawl; it's the name of my training technique. Do 15 of those in a row, then sprint 50 paces and repeat. Complete four sets - you could likely do that in about five minutes, and it's really intense. So if you want to go for 10 minutes, do eight sets.

Why would you say that's such an intense workout? The sprinting is getting your legs in place and the sprawls are getting your upper body and core in place. Your whole body is being worked in a short amount of time.

For those who are just starting to workout, what tips do you have to help ease themselves into the gym? You shouldn't ease yourself into the gym if it isn't something you like. Don't force a type of training on yourself that you do not like because you will fail long-term. Go to Google and find something you've always secretly wanted to do. There's a wealth of information and classes out there, as well as trainers, that will find that one thing you like to do, whether it be mat Pilates, bootcamp, Spinning, or Muay Thai. There's so much out there. So find the thing you secretly want to do and do that.

What advice do you have for those who struggle with morning workouts? I prefer morning workouts, but we all have an internal strength clock. It's a biological thing; we're all built with it and it's a unique clock that allows us to be stronger through time periods throughout the day. Some of us are stronger first thing in the morning, some mid-morning and others in the afternoon or evening. You need to experiment with it to find out what's best for you and try to workout within that time. For me, my strength clock is between 9am and noon.

So don't feel bad if you're not working out first thing in the morning? No, absolutely not. The good thing about working out in the morning is that you're burning all throughout the day, which is fantastic. And you release a lot of hormones in the brain, which can give you more of a balance throughout the day. But if it's not for you, then it's not for you. Keep reading to find out which celebs she's loved working with, and who she would love to train in the future!

Editorial Assistant Samantha (top right), crunches her way through Warner's circuit. (Photo courtesy of MarkVon Holden/AP Images for Wisk)


Awards season is in full swing now - are you training any celebrities right now? No, I'm too busy to train anyone right now. Honestly, you could be the top celebrity in the world, and I would not be able to train you right now. That changes, though. It ebbs and flows.

So you've trained some for award shows then? Any secrets? Yes. When I train a celebrity for a red carpet event and have 10-12 days, we do a v-taper cheat, which gives you the illusion of a waistline. We do a lot of medial delt work - a lot of raises, presses, and T-raises. We focus on the lats, too. So when you see people doing pull-downs and wide-grip pull-ups, that's focusing on the lats or the back, and it makes a woman's waistline appear smaller. So when they're in a gown, especially one that's strapless, it makes them look better; gives them more of an hourglass look.

Who has been your favorite celebrity to train? Alanis Morisette. I could not break that woman. And that's a surprise, right? She's small, and you think of her as kind of frail a little bit. Not true. She has a trap of a mind. She would let herself do anything.

Wow, that's amazing. Any other celebs you've really enjoyed working with? I really loved training Julia Roberts. She got ready for Mirror Mirror, and we trained for about four months, intensely, six days a week. Really, she just called me because she saw my show Thintervention, was a huge fan, and we hooked it up. We become really good friends and just trained consistently even after the movie. She was a really fun client of mine.

Is there a celebrity or athlete that you haven't worked with yet but would love to if they asked? That's a good question, and it changes every year, but I'd like to work with Rihanna. First of all, she's one of the sexiest women in the world. But I feel that she's at an age and sort of in a dangerous place in her life that she could go away in a direction that isn't a good one, so it would be great to be a positive force in her life and show her a different frame of reference.

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