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Fit Blogger We Love: Coffee Cake and Cardio

Ashley put childhood fears aside when she tried a challenging Jumpsport. She sweat buckets but enjoyed the challenge!

Weight and body image issues are struggles we can all relate to. Sharing these feelings of insecurity candidly with the world? Well, that’s a whole different ball game. One of our favorite bloggers, Ashley, isn’t afraid to open up about a fluctuating scale and her fit trial and errors. Plus, like us, she adores Coffee Cake and Cardio—I mean, who doesn’t?

The former powerlifter and collegiate student-athlete has wrestled with pesky pounds since she was a kid but has embraced Weight Watchers, running, professional football—she plays on the DC Divas—among a variety of other workouts to reach her goal weight. Every day, Ashley motivates her readers by inviting them to witness her journey. Her recipes and sweaty tales are icing on the [coffee] cake! As her blog says, “Every person has a story, a beautiful story…just take a minute to listen.” Read on to hear more about Ashley and how life as a newlywed has changed her healthy ambitions.

My favorite way to work out:  My favorite machine at the gym is the Arc Trainer by Cybex.  That machine will give you a TOTAL body workout. If I’m looking for a heart rate-raising, sweat-inducing workout then the Arc Trainer is the way to go. My favorite class, however, is spin. I love going into the class knowing that no matter what, I will leave the class feeling great and having burned a lot of calories. Fear not, it is a great workout!

My fave fit snack:  I recently started juicing and it has quickly become my favorite go-to snack. There’s just something about a glass of apple, orange, carrot and ginger juice. I’ve tried all different combinations, but that one is my favorite so far. It’s a refreshing and filling snack that is perfect for the three slump.

My “I Did It” moment:  In 2010 I ran the Country Music Half Marathon in Nashville, TN with Team in Training. Just four years earlier, I could not run for more than three minutes at a time and weighed 261 pounds. The morning of the race I wrote a note to myself inside of my visor stating, “Do this for you! You have come so far and deserve to enjoy every moment of this run.” Running does not come easy for me, but running intervals and being patient with myself helped me to build the endurance to run a half marathon. 

My biggest motivator/My motivation comes from: My motivation changes year to year but as a newlywed, my motivation is to get close to my goal weight before having children. I want to be as healthy as possible before getting pregnant. Even though I do not have children, I already feel my motivation shifting to them and wanting to be healthier for my family.

Olympic sport I’d love to try:  As a former powerlifter, I still think it would be amazing to train to compete in the Olympics. On the flip side though, how cool would it be to curling?

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