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Mia Hamm's Time-Saving Workout Tricks and Best Christmas Gift Ever

Mia opening presents as a kid, have you ever seen a more adorable sight? We love the catchy t-shirt slogan! (Photo courtesy of Dick's Sporting Goods)


The holidays are a busy time for everyone, but when you have twin girls who are almost 6 years old and a son under one like retired soccer star Mia Hamm, busy takes on a whole new meaning. To help keep in mind the spirit of the season, Hamm still found the time to team up with Dick's Sporting Goods Gifts That Matter campaign, to celebrate giving gifts that help inspire future athletes. We chatted with Hamm on her most memorable gifts, her go-to holiday workouts and how she plans to beat stress this month. Do you have a gift that mattered most in shaping you as an athlete? When I was 11 years old I got my first pair of real leather cleats, which in my mind made me a real soccer player. It inspired me to keep with the sport and work harder to get to that next level. That's why I was so excited about this campaign, because sporting gifts like that can make a real difference. It seems like such a little thing, but to a kid something so simple like that makes their world. I also love the idea behind this campaign because in the spirit of giving, Dick's Sporting Goods will also make a contribution to the Mia Hamm Foundation this month, so we can help out underprivileged children as well. We just wrapped up our gift guides, and our readers told us the best gifts they've ever gotten. What's a great gift you've received recently? After the birth of our third child, my husband was working and traveling a lot. For two or three months he hired a woman to come in for three to four hours to cook our meals for the week. Everything was healthy and organic and it took a lot of pressure off of me and let me spend quality time with our kids. That was really great.

You have three kids to shop for this season! How do you ward off shopping stress? Shopping can become a full contact sport, so I try to avoid it all together! I do as much shopping online as I can, which avoids headaches battling lines in the store. I even get them gift wrapped when I buy online, it just saves so much hassle. I also make sure to stay extra organized and write everything down. When I get stressed I think I'll remember a gift idea or ingredients to a party dish I'm supposed to make and then of course I don't. So I definitely try to write everything down. What are your favorite time-savers when it comes to working out during the holidays? During the holidays or any time I'm busy I aim for higher intensity, shorter intervals. For example, I'll go for a run and sprint for 10 seconds or run with 75 percent speed to a certain landmark, then walk for 30 seconds and do it all over again. At home, I use our garage to cross train, use free weights, do push-ups, crunches and jumping jacks. Fill us in: What's on your wish list this year? I actually asked my husband for some personal training sessions to get some new workout ideas. Sometimes I find you can get all ready to hit the gym, but once you get there your brain is just dead. I get a lot of inspiration from magazines, but it's nice to have someone who can organize your routine. I also asked for a few massages from this spa I really like. (Editor's note: We may have to steal these for our own lists!) WIN! Now through December 25 any time you use the hashtag #GiftsThatMatter on Twitter or Instagram you automatically enter yourself in the Dick's Sporting Goods Gifts That Matter sweepstakes for a $50, $250 or $500 gift card. Not a tweeter? Enter through the Dick's Sporting Goods Facebook page. More from FITNESS: The FITNESS Gift Guide